Darkhawk #50 (V1)

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The issue begins with Philippe Bazin staring out his window; unable to speak, unable to move; somewhere between life and death. Allegra comes to stand next to him and explains that her plan on taking down the Powells is nearly complete, and that Darkhawk will be next. The scene shifts and we see Jimmy Zafar watching the news about the alien ship that has arrived; and he knows what he must do. He dons on the Savage Steel armor and heads for the city. Not too far away, in Madison Square Garden, Damek the Earth Shaker hears the report of the alien ship and heads for it as well. Joining the battle, Spider-Man, Nova and Speedball head for the alien ship too.

In New Mexico, Darkhawk and Portal find themselves surrounding by the Mahari and Overhawk. Darkhawk creates a force field around himself, Portal, Overhawk and the Mahari; and Portal creates a teleport that Darkhawk forces them all through, leaving Portal’s family behind, safely. Elsewhere on Earth, Jason and Jon find themselves tied up and prisoners of Dean Coburn who draws a weapon and explains that their father had arrested his father, who he claims was innocent, and died in prison; so it’s only fair that he kill the innocent children of the arresting police officer – Mike Powell.

Back at the alien attack, Spider-Man, Nova, Speedball, Savage Steel, and Damek attack; but are easily beaten back; only Damek’s piece of Earth, perhaps saving them from all being killed. Elsewhere, Portal and Darkhawk land in a dimension and take down the aliens that had once had the upper hand on them in New Mexico. However, Overhawk teleports away. Portal teleports Darkhawk to New York, while Portal teleports to New Mexico. However, Overhawk has teleported aboard the Darkhawk Ship, unaware to even his brothers and fellow aliens; and it’s there he over hears them explaining that he was a fool to think that they would – or even could – restore him to his new body; and that his body was destroyed when they created Overhawk; and besides he was far more useful as a tool to them, as a means of causing destruction and spreading their intergalactic reputation. Overhawk attacks his brothers and slays them, thus ensuring there was no way to reverse the deadly radiation that the ship was emitting. Darkhawk appears but Overhawk easily bats him away. Darkhawk doesn’t give up and the two begin fighting on top of the ship, tangling within one another and falling over the side; with Darkhawk pulling away at the last minute, as Overhawk falls in front of one of the ship’s guns and is utterly destroyed. Inside the Darkhawk Ship, Darkhawk finds a Mahari who calls to him. The dying Mahari explains how to reverse the radiation and Darkhawk flies down and grabs Ned, Chris and Laura and flies back to the ship. Together, they manage to reverse the radiation; but it has a lasting effect on Darkhawk and Chris, as it merges them back together again. Together, Portal, Speedball, Nova, Savage Steel, Ned, Laura, Darkhawk, Spider-Man and Damek discuss how the world was saved, then they all part ways; with Portal going back to the Mahari world to try and clear his name. When Darkhawk returns to Earth with Laura, she finds that she needs time to figure things out, and that she’s not so sure if she could handle being with someone who does what Chris/Darkhawk does. Chris learns of what has happened with his parents and swears to clear their name. First he goes after Mr. Newland. He threatens Newland who confesses everything and provides Darkhawk with the proof needed to clear their name; he also learns that Allegra is behind it all so he goes after her next and finds Philippe Bazin, unaware that he is essentially brain dead; Philippe’s youngest son runs in and explains that Allegra met her boyfriend at Mt. Moriah. Darkhawk arrives to find Allegra and Dean embraced, with Dean about to shoot Jason and Jon. Darkhawk bats the gun away and a furious Allegra, shouts that she had it all planned, and that Dean was to be the fall guy. As Darkhawk, Chris is able to clear their name, with Headset’s help, he even clears his own name. That night, when the family is gathered together, Laura shows up and tells Chris that she can deal with him being Darkhawk, and together they walk off.

The scene shifts to many, many, many years in the future… in a place, floating within a temporal mélange that is Chronopolis, two ancient figures, D’han and Tahd discuss how The Powell is one of the greatest heroes of his era…

(D’han is a reference to Danny Fingeroth, while Tahd is a reference to Tod Smith; the writer and penciler of the series, respectively)