Speedball #9 (V1)

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Speedball #9 (V1)

This issue opens up with both Justin and Madeline having trouble at their respective jobs, because both of them are being consumed by the secret they each have that ties in with Alex Bow. The result of the tension of his parents creates problems for Robbie at school, with no paying attention.

At home, the tension explodes when suddenly both Justin and Madeline yell at Robbie and tell him to shut up. Furious, Robbie leaves, slamming the door behind him and he goes to the cave he found at the park to get away.

At home, Justin confesses he was jealous of Alex Bow because he was so handsome and dashing and rich; and yet he knew what a scum he was with his shady dealings. So Justin protected Alex to protect Madeline, who – back then – he had loved. Madeline then confessed that she believed Justin and Alex were close friends, because Justin had always been looking out for Alex! She then confessed that Alex took her to New York, where he tried to force himself on her – and when she fought him off, he had left her in New York with no money, and left her to pay the bills. She was arrested and her parents had to bail her out, and they were not rich people. Each of them apologizes to the other, and claim that they had both been fools. But interestingly enough, Madeline thinks about how Justin has especially been a fool.

Robbie comes home and his parents sit him down and explain everything to him. Justin explains that the only way to clear everything is to solve the murder of Alex Bow and find out who really killed him, since he and his wife are always considered suspect – even in hushed whispers.

Elsewhere, LaGuardia and his partner Officer Hinton show up at the office of Dorian and claim that he has his hand in every illegal activity in Springdale and that they’re watching him – waiting for him to slip – just once.

The next day at the Village Records Office, Justin and Robbie approach Violet about some records they need to see; she inquires if they’re a part of some ongoing investigation and Justin tells her not yet. Violet tells him that she will first need to get clearance for the paperwork if it’s going to be used for some kind of investigation. We see Skipper looking through some files – some files that Baldwin was looking for! Violet makes a call to someone letting them know that Justin Baldwin has come looking for the files.

The next day at work, Justin is told to cease and desist all interest and work in the Alex Bow murder. At lunch, Justin explains what’s happened, and believes he’s getting close but can’t press on. Madeline offers up to talk to any of Alex Bow’s old friends, or women Alex used to date, that may live in Springdale to try and gather more information.

The first person that Madeline contacts is Alex’s former girlfriend, Lola, whom he dated before dating Madeline. Lola offers only rude comments and no information. When Madeline leaves, Lola makes a call – and the person thanks her for not sharing information, and promises the “tooth fairy” would leave something nice for her. The man turns to Dorian and is about to say something when someone comes to the door – it’s none other than Robbie Baldwin delivering a package. Robbie leaves and sees Dorian outside the back of the house, running away quickly.

Later at Lola’s house, she opens the door and sees a man in her chair, who happens to be Dorian. When she asks who he is, he simply answers, “The tooth fairy…” And then proceeds to silence Lola, forever.

Robbie returns to the record office and Speedball and begins looking for the files, unaware that down the hall Dorian is questioning Skipper down the hall. Dorian hears something and enters the room that Speedball is in; but Speedball has hidden on top of one of the shelves and overhears Dorian telling Skipper that he wants the Alex Bow files immediately. Speedball recognizes Dorian as the man he saw at the estate he had just delivered the package to earlier!

Dorian leaves and Skipper recovers the Alex Bow files. He sets them down to get a drink of water, which gives Robbie the chance to take the files and run. Outside, Dorian sees Skipper chasing Robbie and tries to stop Robbie with his car. Robbie dives and triggers his Speedball powers, bouncing safely too the roof. However, since Robbie took the files under his civilian identity – Skipper was able to identify the thief as Robbie Baldwin (though he never saw Robbie turn into Speedball). Dorian thinks that Justin set Robbie up to this, and decides he must use a different tactic. He sends a goon to abduct Madeline to use as a bargaining chip against Justin. They get a call and inform Justin that they have Madeline at gunpoint, and put her on the phone to confirm. Justin agrees to meet with them and bring the file. Sensing the tension in his father voice while he was on the phone, Robbie follows close behind. He recognizes Dorian and sees his father get into the car and realizes this is one big trap. Robbie changes to Speedball and gives chase – and just as Robbie suspected – they arrive at the estate he had just delivered to – the estate of Mister Boder, the wealthiest man in Springdale.

Boder explains that Alex Bow had set things up to blackmail Boder, so he had him killed. He had even gone as far as to send postcards, posing as Boder, to his friends in Springdale so no one would suspect he had been murdered. Boder says that he’s regretful that now he has to arrange a “tragic accident” for Justin and Madeline since they know too much. They escort Madeline outside and Speedball manages to save her and instruct her to drive to a phone and contact the police. Speedball then goes inside and unleashes his power, bouncing around taking out everyone he saw. Dorian shoots next to Justin and promises the next shot won’t miss unless Speedball stops. There’s the sound of sirens and Dorian takes a shot at Speedball; which is just enough time to allow Speedball to bounce off of Dorian and knock him out, and knock the gun away from him. The Police arrive and arrest Boder, Dorian and all of their men. When Madeline asks wasn’t the Masked Marvel (Speedball) so great, Justin says that he never saw him (since he had been knocked out and blind folded) and that the police had done all the work (since that’s what he saw). Now with the Alex Bow files, the Baldwin’s would be clear and Boder and Dorian would serve time for their vicious crimes.