Real Name: Donyell (Last Name Unrevealed)
Aliases: Donyell Taylor, Night Thrasher (II)
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Criminal
Citizenship: American Citizen, with a known criminal record.
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Known Relatives: Dwayne Taylor (Night Thrasher, half-brother), Daryl Taylor (father, deceased), mother (name unknown, deceased)
Group Affiliation: Formerly a member of the New Warriors, Thieves Guild
First Appearance: Night Thrasher #3
History: Donyell was the product of Daryl Taylor and a one-night stand with an unnamed woman. Growing up, Donyell developed an increasing amount of resentment towards Daryl’s legitimate son, Dwayne.

Learning that Dwayne had developed a relationship with Silhouette Chord, Donyell, adopting the name Bandit, seduced Dwayne’s estranged girlfriend before confronting Dwayne. Despite beating Dwayne severely, though evenly matched, Bandit became unstable and abducted Silhouette to lure Dwayne into the final piece of his vengeance.

Those plans were thwarted when Dwayne won the rematch, and although Dwayne was willing to reconcile their differences when he discovered Donyell’s true origin, Bandit departed, leaving the relationship between the two of them unresolved.

Bandit later reappeared when the New Warriors were scattered through time by Lady Sphinx (Meryet Karim), perhaps only because his lover, Silhouette had been one of the Warriors that had disappeared. Agreeing to lead this band of “New New Warriors”, they teleported to Egypt to begin tracking down where the Warriors had vanished to.

With the arrival of the original Warriors, they managed to defeat both Sphinxs’ when both Meryet Karim and the male Sphinx merged into a composite being and vanished somewhere into the past.

Troubled by their relationship, Night Thrasher parted ways with Silhouette and Bandit, on worse terms than before.

Years later, Bandit turned up in New Orleans. There he romanced Belladonna Boudreaux, leader of the Thieves and Assassins Guild. Although he furthered the guild’s criminal endeavors, he still felt that Belladonna’s ex-husband, Remy LeBeau (Gambit) posed a threat to them. However, when attacked, Gambit explained to Belladonna that Bandit had been manipulating her and that he still had not broken off his relationship with Silhouette Chord. However, before anything else could be done, the members of the guild turned on all three of them, but the guild was defeated and in the confusion Bandit left New Orleans.

During a televised raid by the New Warriors of a building in which Cobalt Man, Speedfreak, Coldheart, and Nitro, who had recently escaped from the Raft, resided. Namorita followed after Nitro. Slamming him into a bus, Namorita taunted him, but Nitro screamed he wasn’t the kind of loser that she was used to facing, she was in fact “playing with the big boys now”, before letting off a massive explosion that killed Namorita, Night Thrasher, Microbe, all of the children at the nearby elementary school, and all residents in the surrounding neighborhood where the fight took place.

Bandit took up the guise as the new Night Thrasher and formed a new version of the New Warriors.

See Night Thrasher II for more.

Height: 6’4
Weight: 300 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Powers: Bandit generates electricity and channels it through other objects, such as the grappling hooks he launches from a specialized crossbow; the hooks penetrate his opponent’s skin, and then open beneath it.. He uses throwing stars and other weapons as needed.

Accessories: None

Note: Bandit is an accomplished marksman, acrobat, and hand-to-hand combatant.