New Warriors #6 (V5)

New Warriors #6 (V5)


The issue opens up with the discarded, ancient note that Watersnake had picked up in the previous issue, drifting down the hallway within Mount Wundagore. The page comes from an ancient text, of pure evil, when the world was still new. The pages comprised of a book that men called The Darkhold, and from the pages of said book, great evil was born. We see the page finally stop, and mist comes from the pages; and the feet of a mysterious figure can be seen.

The scene shifts to Avengers Tower, where Iron Man explains to Captain America that a bust of energy from central Europe ended almost as quickly as it had begun; and that he was able to track its exact location – Mount Wundagore. Captain America mentions that it had been used as the High Evolutionary’s base of operations and that the last time that they had met him, he had been siding with the heroes. At that moment, a burst of energy suddenly appears in the bay within New York City – and the Avengers send the call to respond!

Inside the mountain, Justice screams at Caninus, the humanoid dog, now going by the name of Jake Waffles about teleporting an entire mountain into the bay of New York City and how many lives they may have just taken by his careless action. Hummingbird, disregarding everything, realizes with glee, that she has – indeed! – been to New York City before. Scarlet Spider moans that they’re all going to jail – forever. Watersnake notes that the water has no ripples; and Speedball agrees, saying that, “Nita is right.” Watersnake immediately says, “Do not call me that!” Sungirl points out that a boat, harmlessly passes through the base of the mountain.

Jake Waffles, the humanoid canine, explains that they are neither here – nor in Europe – existing in both places, yet neither. However, that does not stop the immediate arrival of The Avengers, including Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. Justice cringes, as he notes, “They look upset.”

The scene shifts to Grand Central Terminal, where construction crews continue to work on the damaged train that had been derailed during the attack of the Evolutionaries. Three mysterious figures approach the train and note that Mark Sim, better known as Haechi was definitely responsible. The mysterious leader of the three, tells the other two (Spark and Fume) that they will bring him in and Nightfall will tell them where to go.

The scene shifts back to Mount Wundagore within the New York City bay, where Captain America and Iron Man have separated Justice and Speedball from the others for questioning. Both Justice and Speedball had worked closely with the Avengers after the events of Stamford that killed over 600 people; including Namorita, Night Thrasher, Microbe and a school full of children – something, many held the New Warriors responsible for. When Speedball tries to play things lightly, Iron Man snaps, “Oh, you want to tell jokes? Did you hear the one where two idiots bring a mountain down and cause a panic?” Speedball, not missing a beat, says, “Was that Power Man and Iron Fist?”

The scene shifts where Thor is watching Hummingbird, Sungirl, Watersnake, Scarlet Spider, Haechi as well as the two humanoid animals – Jake Waffles and Mr. Whiskers (the humanoid feline). Hummingbird pleads with Thor to let her try and lift his hammer, but he refuses. Haechi explains he just wants to go home and check on his family; but Thor refuses to let him leave. It’s Sungirl who steps up to Thor, and explains that unless they’re under arrest, there is no way that Thor, or the Avengers, can hold them prisoner. At that moment, Watersnake begins to hallucinate and sees a short demon. She begins swinging wildly at the demon, which no one else can see. The demon manipulates her, so that she believes Thor is a demon and attack him. The rest of the New Warriors look on, in utter shock as a look of aggression immediately storms across Thor’s features.

The scene shifts again, as we see Speedball trying to explain that the New Warriors just saved the world. Iron Man counters that “The New Warriors” is a tarnished brand. Justice jumps in asking if Iron Man just referred to the New Warriors as a “brand.” Captain America tries to explain that the New Warriors are still looked upon as being responsible for what caused those 600 deaths in Stamford, and that it would be better if the members of the New Warriors were folded into an Avengers based team. Justice counters, that despite everything they’ve done before and after Stamford, the Avengers still do not trust the New Warriors. As the argument escalates, Speedball stands off to the side and begins charging his hand behind his back, ready to unleash his power if it gets to that point. The others do not notice, and Justice continues to argue with Captain America, stating that Stamford will always be a part of the New Warriors; no matter what they do – and they accept that, just like the Civil War between heroes will always be looked back upon as being a fault of Captain America and Iron Man coming to a massive disagreement. Justice then takes out his Avengers card and throws it on the table, explaining that, no matter what they think – the New Warriors did just save the world and millions of people by stopping the High Evolutionary – and that he was the only true Avenger there – and that he is an Avenger no more – he’s a Warrior through and through. However, at that moment, there is a boom of lightning from Mount Wundagore, where Thor was watching over the others!

Inside Mount Wundagore, things are chaotic as Thor strikes back at the New Warriors. Haechi has taken his animal form, while Scarlet Spider barks commands for Hummingbird to check out Watersnake and find out what’s wrong with her. Thor strikes Sungirl with a bolt of lightning, shortening the circuitry within her armor. Scarlet Spider webs Thor’s eyes, hoping that this will give them whatever small advantage they can gain against a Viking Norse God of Thunder! Hummingbird finally catches up to Watersnake and notes there’s something else inside her mind; something very, very bad. Haechi tries to absorb the energy from Thor’s hammer, only to be struck down by Thor, taking down Scarlet Spider as well. Hummingbird grabs Watersnake as she lunges for Thor again. Thor, meanwhile chokes Scarlet Spider with one hand, while resting his hammer on Haechi, so he can’t stand. Hummingbird manages to get inside Watersnake’s mind and shares what she sees. The demon, realizing he has been made, attempts to possess Thor – but suddenly Hummingbird begins speaking a strange language and leaps to the air, blasting the demon with flames from her hands, incinerating the demon, who appears to have been a hand of the elder, evil being known as Chthon! Hummingbird comes to, asking what happened, because she had blacked out for a moment.

When Justice, Speedball and Iron Man arrive it’s a scene none of them expected to see – Thor is holding up tankards of mead and brew, while Scarlet Spider and Mr. Whiskers arm wrestle; Hummingbird tries to lift Thor’s hammer; all bathing in the moment of joy and happiness. Thor shouts proudly, “Come! Join us! The New Warriors have defeated an agent of the elder demon, Chthon, from gaining a foothold in this world! We celebrate!” Iron Man asks Justice, “Did you know there was an elder demon trying to get a foothold into this world?” Justice answers, “Yeah. That’s the kind of confidence I have in my team.”

A little while later, Haechi is accompanied by Sungirl and Justice, as Haechi heads home – deciding it was time to show his grandmother about how he has changed. As he enters the room, he sees her – as well as his two sisters, Mia and Ellie – looking fearful. They turn and see the same man, along with Spark and Fuse, who have been hunting him. The man says, “Welcome to the Tribe. Now light this place up!”

And then there’s an explosion…