Nova #34 (V5)

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Nova #34 (V5)

This issue is a part of the REALM OF KINGS saga.

The issue begins with the older Anath-Na Mut fighting off the version of himself that is nearly six thousand years younger; they are better known to most as The Sphinx. While the elder of the two understands what damage can be done by altering the time lines, the younger version of himself seeks to take the second Ka Stone, which only exist thanks to the Fault, a rip through time and space, thanks to the Kree detonating a super bomb in space, and rewrite history completely. The young Sphinx has summoned forth five champions to fight on his behalf, against the five that seek to defend the older Sphinx. The young Sphinx has: Moonstone, Bloodstone, Man Wolf, Basilisk, and a Raptor, wearing armor similar to Darkhawk; while the elder Sphinx has Nova, Reed Richards, Namorita, Black Bolt and Darkhawk.

The first round of combat begins with Moonstone vs Nova. They seem to be teleported back to Earth (Harry Truman High School, Long Island), in the middle of a school. Nova tries to piece things together and concludes that all of the champions from the young Sphinx all have powers that are somehow connected to a stone or crystal. Round two begins with Man Wolf vs Namorita, as they’re teleported to The Floating Fortress of Arise Tyrk. An army of undead marches forward to attack Namorita, but she quickly takes care of them and picks up one of their swords to defend herself against Man Wolf who lunges forward to attack. Round Three begins with Bloodstone vs Reed Richards. They’re teleported to the desolate place known as Varaheim. Bloodstone fires his shotgun, apparently misses, but it explodes behind Reed, giving Bloodstone the advantage. But Reed is an experienced hero and manages to use his powers to escape from Bloodstone. Round Four begins with Basilisk vs Black Bolt within the ruins of Attilan. Basilisks manages to get in a few shots on Black Bolt who has little interest in fighting and flies away and lands in front of a plaque, that mentions his own demise in 2009 A.D. (The Present) as well as the demise of his wife, Medusa, in the following war known as “The Shadow War.” Basilisk gets the drop on Black Bolt and turns him to stone and shatters him with a punch. The next round, the older Sphinx calls the younger one a cheater for bringing an extra player into the fight; the younger one points out Darkhawk, who the older one only just then truly begins to see. A fight between Darkhawk and the other Raptor begins. The two seem evenly matched, but Darkhawk clearly has more experience and manages to rip the gem out of the other Raptor’s chest. The issue goes back to see Man Wolf about to take out Namorita; Reed manages to defeat Bloodstone, and Nova finally defeats Moonstone with a concentrated grav-pulse, which Zan (the Centurion) had shown him. Everyone is teleported back with the victory to the older Sphinx.

In a surprise twist, Darkhawk approaches the younger Sphinx and rips out his Ka Stone and begins to give it to the older Sphinx. Everyone moves to try and stop but it’s too late – the older Sphinx grows in amazing power!