Real Name: Mark Sim
Aliases: None
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Unknown
Citizenship: Inhuman, With No Known Criminal Record.
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: Grandmother (Unnamed), Ellie (Sister), Mia (Sister)
Group Affiliation: New Warriors
First Appearance: New Warriors (V5) #2
History: Mark Sim was walking down the street one day, when Black Bolt of the Inhumans, had detonated the city of Attilan above New York City, releasing the Terrigen Mist. Mark Sim watched in fear as people screamed all around him. He thought about holding his breath, unsure of what was happening as the strange mist descended upon the people below. Little did Mark Sim know, that the Terrigen Mist would “awaken” anyone who had an Inhuman bloodline with them. Mark Sim, unknowingly, was one of those people.

Mark Sim awoke, encased in a cocoon like substance around his body. He recalled feeling like his body had been on fire; for what had seemed like a lifetime. When he clawed his way out of the cocoon, he stumbled around, weakened, unaware that his body had transformed, the way a caterpillar transforms to a butterfly, while within the cocoon. Humans, unchanged by the Terrigen Mist feared those that had changed – and for Mark Sim, his physical appearance had changed, as a large horn had grown in his forehead. These humans chased him down and cornered him in an alleyway and proceeded to beat him senseless, just on the verge of killing him – when another human came in and fired a warning shot with his gun, and demanded that the others leave him alone. The angry mob quickly fled the scene, leaving Mark Sim there. The old man showed no fear, as he helped Mark Sim up to his feet. Realizing that his appearance would make him feared by others, Mark Sim adopted the name “Haechi” which traced back to Chinese literature that describes the magical beast called Haechi as, according to Korean records; a just and righteous beast whose body is shaped like a lion and has a horn on its forehead.

Several weeks later, Mark Sim was riding the subway, minding his own business when something derailed the subway from the tracks. There were no casualties so Mark Sim began to look around and noticed flashes of lights further down the subway. When he went to examine what was going on – he suddenly saw Sun Girl fighting off three beings known as the Evolutionaries. He watched as Sun Girl tried to defend several helpless Morlocks from the onslaught of the ruthless Evolutionaries. When she made the bolt statement to die standing and defending the Morlocks; the Evolutionaries fired on her – which should have proven fatal, had it not been for Mark Sim jumping in front of her and not only absorbing the blunt of the blast; but also physically devouring it.

At that moment, Justice and Speedball, of the New Warriors also arrived to examine what was going on; having been alerted about the blast while they had been in Avenger’s Mansion. With their arrival, the Evolutionaries flee. When questioned by Justice, Mark Sim explains that he never asked for any of this. Sun Girl gets in a debate with Mark Sim about how he should embrace the power he’s been given. Justice steps in and explains to Sun Girl that she has equipment that gives her her power; while Mark Sim was physically changed with the horn on his head – something he can not easily disguise. Sun Girl shoots at Mark Sim who consumes the energy fired at him. She explains that it wasn’t a coincidence that he showed up when he did – and that together, they need to stop the Evolutionaries. Justice finally agrees, and notes that they need to find Nova.

With the help of Salem’s Seven, Speedball, Justice, Sungirl and Haechi are teleported to where the other members of the New Warriors are being held captive by the High Evolutionary. It’s during this battle that Haechi, for the first time takes his new form – resembling a cross between a bear, rhino and a dragon! While this new form grants him incredible strength and endurance, he, along with the rest of the New Warriors, falls when High Evolutionary activates the bomb that will destroy all humans who are “imperfect” (such as mutants, those with genetic or scientific abnormalities, magic users, and clones). Sun Girl, unaffected by the machine, destroys it – forcing High Evolutionary to flee.

When Mount Wundagore, the former base of the High Evolutionary, now occupied by the New Warriors, is teleported to New York, it draws the attention – and the ire – of the Avengers. While explaining what is going on with the High Evolutionary, Watersnake begins to hallucinate and attacks Thor. a fight ensues, and it is discovered that Watersnake was under the influence of the Darkhold tome. The Avengers part, trusting the New Warriors to do the right thing.

Not soon after, Haechi soon finds himself captured by his fellow Inhumans – other humans who, like him, had been transformed by the Terrigen Mist. In an attempt to fight them, Haechi transforms into his Korean Dragon form – his family is disgusted and fearful of his new appearance. The Inhumans managed to get the drop on Haechi and abduct both him and Sun Girl. Justice recruits Silhouette to help in the rescue mission. Together, the New Warriors defeat the other Inhumans (Hollow, Spark, Fume, Jack Chain, Razor Girl, 3-Eye and Lash).

Haechi and the New Warriors, soon find themselves fighting the High Evolutionary once more. However, in this battle, Jake Whiskers, a humanoid feline made by High Evolutionary, and ally to the New Warriors, is incinerated during the battle. Before any of them can truly react – the Eternals join the fight against the New Warriors, claiming that the Celestials are on their way and that if all the imperfect humans are not eradicated; the Celestials will destroy all life on Earth. The battle with the Eternals is a long one; but it’s Justice who is finally able to turn the tables and convince the Eternals that they are misinformed about the arrival of the Celestials. The Eternals depart, and High Evolutionary seemingly escapes as well.

Haechi now spends time with the New Warriors, and trying to make amends with his family who viewed him as a “monster” once they saw what he had become.

Height: 5’9″
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black

Powers: Haechi is capable of absorbing any form of energy that is directed at him. Haechi has also learned to transform his body into a magnificent, magical like beast, for which his takes his name sake – transforming his body into a giant sized lion-like creature, with a massive horn on its head, and razor sharp teeth and claws, capable of enduring massive damage.