Night Thrasher #13 (V2)

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Night Thrasher #13 (V2)

The issue begins with Dwayne Taylor arriving at a meeting for the Taylor Foundation and begins the meeting that goes deep into the night. From there, we see the scene shifts to a few years earlier. We see when Dwayne first meets Silhouette and Midnight’s Fire. Midnight’s Fire explains that Silhouette has gotten the next drop point for a local gang’s protection racket and extends an invite to Dwayne Taylor.

The scene shifts to a present time where we see Dwayne and Silhouette yelling at one another. As it turns out, Dwayne had gone to Silhouette’s apartment to return the key – and had actually interrupted Silhouette and Bandit in the bedroom. Night Thrasher has Sprocket pick him up and they head for Hell’s Kitchen where a gang fight has broken out.

The scene shifts again – returning to the past where we see Midnight’s Fire, Silhouette and Dwayne busting a drug lab. It is during this time that Dwayne picks up a set of scrim sticks. Silhouette also confesses to finding Dwayne cute. Midnight’s Fire also plunges into a vat of acetone and hydrochloric acid – and comes out of it, untouched. The man responsible for the Steel Waves Drug Ring, reveals himself as Tommy Ng – normally just called “Scorch.” He displays the reason for his namesake by igniting items around them. The entire lab goes up in a fiery explosion. Tommy “Scorch” Ng makes his get away in the explosion taking the money that did not burn with him.

The scene shifts back to the present and Dwayne is in his suit. He enters an office and has a meeting with none other than Tommy “Scorch” Ng.