Night Thrasher #1 (LS)

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Night Thrasher #1 (LS)

The issue begins with Night Thrasher witnessing a member of the gang of Poison Memories running from several other gang members of an unknown, opposing gang. Night Thrasher debates the idea of getting involved; for all he knows, the member of the Poison Memories deserves what’s coming his way; on the other hand, he may have done something as minor as spray paint on the opposing gang’s turf, something hardly worth being beaten up over.

Night Thrasher decides to test the newest version of his armor, and jumps into the fray. In mere moments, he single-handedly drives away the mob of the opposing gang, leaving him standing with the Poison Memory gang member. When Night Thrasher asks why they were after him, the gang member only answers that it doesn’t matter, because it’s all about hate, and who is stronger.

Elsewhere, Silhouette Chord is visiting her father in the hospital after a failed suicide attempt (you can find out more about that by checking out New Warriors Vol.1 #18-25). Chord, who is severely wounded, tells Silhouette to go back and find a file on the computer labeled “Control” and to open it and help Night Thrasher.

Before he can explain any further, a nurse comes in and tells Silhouette that she must leave. In a quick moment later, Silhouette finds herself under attack and rendered unconscious. The “nurse” and some other gang members who burst in through the window take Chord, leaving Silhouette behind.

When Silhouette comes to, she finds Dwayne Taylor, and several police officers, and a doctor all standing around her. The doctor informs Dwayne that if they find anything on those who kidnapped Andrew Chord may very well be responsible for his murder if he’s not returned to the hospital within three days, because of the fluid build up in Andrew Chord’s brain causing a cerebral hemorrhage.

Back at the penthouse home of Dwayne Taylor, he and Silhouette find the file that Chord had referenced and are stunned to see that it is written by Dwayne’s father, explaining that if Dwayne is reading the file that something is drastically wrong within the Taylor foundation. The password of “Strength” shows the rest of the file, which proves to be a fail-safe to help Dwayne from preventing the loss of the Taylor Foundation.

Upon reading the file, they learn that in the event of a hostile takeover, Dwayne could keep the Foundation by having someone the executive board sign the document. And so it would appear that someone may have known about the document, and kidnapped Andrew Chord to prevent him from signing the document. The only other remaining board members were Trevor Madsden, Eve Magdalene, and Gai Mo Don.

Father Michael Janes arrives and tells Dwayne that he needs his help before The Bengal kills again. When Dwayne asks who The Bengal is after, Father Michael Janes shows Dwayne a picture taken in 1965 of a Vietnamese man named Li Pan, who was apparently a butcher of thousands. The picture bares a striking resemblance to none other than the Taylor Foundation’s own board member, Gai Mo Don.

A scene shift shows Bengal taking out guards and finally reaching Gai Mo Don; and surprised to find that Night Thrasher and Silhouette are there waiting for him. They attempt to explain that Gai Mo Don is not the man that the Bengal thinks he is; but Gai Mo Don, never confirms or denies it. Bengal makes a lunge, and breaks through the window, opting to escape rather than confront them.

Gai Mo Don explains he doesn’t know anything about Chord’s abduction, but offers a hint that eventually leads Night Thrasher to Poison Memories. Gai Mo Don also informs Night Thrasher that a Los Angeles crime lord by the name of Lotus was hired by Trevor Madsden, one of the other board members of the Taylor Foundation.

Another scene shift shows the Bengal tearing through a small bar full of members of the Poison Memories gang. He attacks and kills without pause or question, using his sais with deadly accuracy. Before he delivers the killing blow to the very same Poisoned Memories gang member that Night Thrasher had saved earlier; he finds himself, yet again, saved by him.

Bengal, this time, does not flee the fight. He unleashes a number of shurikens at Night Thrasher and Silhouette. Night Thrasher blocks them and manages to subdue Bengal and convinces Bengal that Gai Mo Don is not the one he’s after. Night Thrasher than manages to extract the info he needs from one of the Poisoned Memories, who says that Andrew Chord was brought to San Francisco.