Darkhawk #7 (V1)

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The issue opens up with Darkhawk breaking up a drug deal that is happening on school grounds. The drug bust does not go unnoticed as Steve Rubino, better known as Headset, watches from a window in the nearby building. Chris heads home when he begins doing some home work and is tackled by his brothers who take his amulet from him. Rough housing he tackles them while they’re in the kitchen and gets the amulet back and also manages to knock some paneling loose. He examines the loose paneling after the younger brothers head off to school and finds several note pads written in his father’s writing.

He reads an entry from his father dated just weeks before his father’s disappearance, where his father and his partner, Larry Ratliff were in pursuit of some robbers. During the chase the robbers struck an early morning shopper. They stopped and Larry told Mike to forget about the goons – that the woman needed medical attention. The note goes on to say how Mike wanted their blood, to avenge her, but it does not say whether they stayed to help the woman or if they continued their pursuit.

Grace tells Chris that he is running late for school. As she watches him leave, she thinks to herself how she has taken precautions to take care of Bazin once and for all herself.

Elsewhere in a hidden lab, Bazin works with Doctor Marin on Project: Lodestone, which involves using a woman with magnetic control. Nodes planted in her mind assure Bazin that he can control the woman who rips the very iron in the blood of several scientists out from their systems, causing them a very painful death. Lodestone, whose first name is revealed as Andrea, assures Bazin and Doctor Marin that she is ready for her first assignment. But Doctor Marin says that she must undergo some proper training before she is released to kill Darkhawk and Grace Powell.

The scene changes briefly to Grace speaking with Private Investigator, Harry Lennox, about finding her husband.

The scene changes again, to one week later, after school Karate class where Chris and Bob are sparring, but Chris is surprised and flipped by Cheryl who demands to know what’s going on with Chris. He agrees they need to talk and make a date for meeting at Jaysol’s later. Headset, who attended the Karate class says he is leaving since Karate is not his thing, but the other two promised they would go to the Mozart Festival.

After wards as Chris is riding on his bike, he sees those same drug dealers. He changes into Darkhawk, upset that they’re still around, only to find them better prepared – as several of them come out from the back of the van, one of them with a bazooka. Darkhawk manages to deflect the blast using his energy shield. One of them jumps in the van and tries to run him over, but he uses his chest energy beam to blast the van. He takes them all done and decides he’s going to slip away before the authorities comes. As he heads for the alleyway, he sees Headset lying in a pool of his own blood, having been struck by stray bullets, never realizing he was in trouble, because he never heard the commotion because of the headset he wore, listening to music.

Darkhawk transforms back to Chris and tries using the amulet to transform Headset into Darkhawk, to at least stop the bleeding, but it doesn’t work. As he tries to think of another idea he finds himself attacked by Lodestone!