Night Thrasher #12 (V2)

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Night Thrasher #12 (V2)

The issue begins with Night Thrasher’s neck in the noose. One of the men kicks the one thing holding Night Thrasher. However, just as the noose goes tight, Night Thrasher uses the blade in his glove to cut his rope that binds his hands free; then proceeds to cut the noose around his neck. Night Thrasher defeats the white men easily then tells Moses that they will be returning to the plantation that Moses is running from and burn it to the ground. Moses however declines and explains that it would be better if Night Thrasher helped him get to Boston where he could get a proper job and a proper education so that he might start his life anew.

The story switches to Silhouette who has a young Tai in her arms, ready to kill her. When guards rush her Silhouette threatens to kill Tai; when the guards explain that once she does her own life will be forfeit, Silhouette then teleports Tai to the well – where the two briefly battle – and Silhouette makes the decision that will change her life forever – in more ways than one. She follows through with her threat to kill Tai by throwing her into the well, where the energies rip her apart.

The scene next changes to Namorita where she discovers the people she trained for defense, are using it as such; but also using it to wipe out any enemy that stands before them. Namorita realizes that her tampering of events has made for a more lethal set of killers, not defenders of innocence. Namorita decides to interfere once more – breaking up the two fighting factions, explaining that each side needs the other.

The final scene changes to Sphinx reshaping the world to his vision of what would be a world of light and reason, hope and fulfillment; a new beginning, for what would become a new world!