Nova #5 (V6)

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Nova #5 (V6)

The issue begins with Titus demanding to know where Sam has hidden the Ultimate Nullifier. Sam manages to use his skateboard, and kick the back of it, so that it pops up and knocks the Nova helmet out of Titus’ hands – allowing Sam to catch it and don the Nova helmet. Sam musters up as much energy as he can and blasts Titus. When the air clears, Titus is nowhere to be seen. Sam goes to check on the Ultimate Nullifier that he’s hidden in the trash outside and sees his mother watching him.

The scene shifts to Karl Moffet hanging out at the Carefree Skatepark, with Carrie and several others, when suddenly Titus lands with a loud thud and a cloud of smoke. Nova appears and demands that the “citizens” depart because the alien is dangerous. When Carrie sees Nova, she seems to recognize that it’s Sam. Titus tries to use Moffet and the others as a target to distract Nova, but he blocks their blasts and tells them to run away.

Nova then slams into Titus and space jumps him back to the armada hidden behind Jupiter, and pulls out the Ultimate Nullifier. Titus makes a grab for the Ultimate Nullifier and accidentally triggers it, so that it suddenly creates a large worm hole in space. Sam tries to save Titus, despite Titus’ attempt to destroy Sam – but is unable, and Titus, along with the Chitauri armada disappears into the wormhole, and it closes shortly after.

A moment later, Rocket Raccoon and Gamora show up to take the Ultimate Nullifier from Sam, who refuses to give it up, for fear of trusting anyone. He ends up returning to the moon and giving it to The Watcher he encountered there previously.

When Sam returns home, he talks to his mother, who explains she knew that Jesse was a Nova, and she had known for several weeks that Sam had taken up the mantle. Sam swears that his father is alive and that he will find him.

And somewhere else in the universe, an unknown location, Sam’s father, Jesse is seen alive, but chained like a slave.