Darkhawk #12 (V1)

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The issue begins with Tombstone strangling the life out of Darkhawk. Saint Johnny shows up and changes his hand into a metallic weapon and blasts Tombstone with a laser. Tombstone doesn’t know anything about Saint Johnny and since he already grabbed Darkhawk’s amulet, he flees. Saint Johnny takes Darkhawk to his “home” in the tunnel and begins mending Darkhawk the best he can (after he discovers that he can’t switch back into Chris Powell without the Darkhawk amulet).

The scene switches to Bazin in prison, but sitting on the Warden’s desk, on the phone, as the Warden gets him some cake. He is speaking to his daughter and making plans to go to Aspen after the whole court nonsense is over.

In the meantime, Chris (as Darkhawk) manages to sneak into his house. He sneaks up to his father’s room and grabs his trench coat, scarf and hat, placing his helmet in the duffel bag. Energy continues to pour out of the gaping wound in his chest, and Darkhawk suddenly lapses into unconsciousness. He is awaken when his mother comes home and is startled by his appearance. He quickly flees, breaking through a window and running away. He goes to the hospital to visit Jason, using his talon-hawk cable to scale the wall, so he can avoid security. Inside the room he is confronted by Jason and explains he has a bad flu and that’s why he’s all covered up.

That day in court, Grace provides evidence of a parking receipt that belongs to Bazin, placing him at the location where Evan Nice was murdered. She also provides a foot print in the blood, matching the shoe that Bazin admitted to owning, as well as video footage that shows that Bazin was there and either over saw – but more than likely committed – the murder of Evan Nice, the president of the Steel Workers Union 1022, on December 10th. Grace’s assistant, Mark, tells Grace to call up Bazin’s son, Broderick. She does so, and he admits that he had overheard his father planning several murders; the murder of Evan Nice, being but one of many; others included the deaths of “Little Johny” Colvin, the Reno Brothers, to name but a few. When Grace asked why he was betraying his father, Broderick explained that he could not live with his conscious if his father went free. But it was Allegra who had talked Broderick into confessing, after she had learned her father had played a role in the bombing that put Jason in the hospital; but she knew no one would believe her testimony, considering the trouble she herself had gotten into in the past.

The jury finds Bazin guilty, but just then Savage Steel breaks through the wall, determined to end Bazin’s life. Bazin grabs his attorney, Monroe, and uses him for a human shield. Savage Steel explains that he has no problem killing the both of them since Monroe has played a heavy hand in getting some of the most notorious criminals acquitted of some of the most vile and violent crimes.

Darkhawk arrives and quickly, much to his surprises, takes down Savage Steel. The wall explodes, and several of Bazin’s men show up in a helicopter, ready to rescue Bazin. At the same time Mike Powell arrives, swearing he’s going to kill Bazin. Mike jumps onto the ladder and grabs Bazin by the ankles. Inside, Savage Steel asks for help, and Darkhawk takes off his mask, revealing Harry Lennox. Grace crumbles, unable to comprehend everything that was happening. Darkhawk ponders what he should do next – Go after Bazin who has his father now, and possibly die trying because of the leaking energy from his wound; or go after Tombstone, and survive, but possibly lose his father to Bazin….