Nova #13 (V1)

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Nova #13 (V1)

The issue begins with Rich at the bank to see how much money he has to help pay for the mortgage on the house since his father had just been fired. However, Sandman breaks down the bank wall with the intent to rob it. However, a gentleman calling himself Crime Buster arrives and takes down Sandman’s henchmen. In the confusion, Rich manages to change into Nova and takes a punch at Sandman – only to find that his fist passes harmlessly through him!

Nova manages to trap Sandman in a air tight safe. However, Sandman sees an air vent and manages to escape. Elsewhere we see Sandman’s activities being watched by two shadowed men who have taken an interest in his activities. The scene changes to Rich meeting Ginger at school as they head for the psychology class. The teacher asks Rich to say what the one thing she dislikes about his friends, but he is hesitant. Mike, however, speaks up claiming everyone is jealous of his brains and athletic body; and how no one ever expects anything from the others, but they always expect the best out of Mike.

A disappointed Sandman returns home to be greeted by Heinrich Von Flessle. Heinrich Von Flessle straps Sandman to a machine “to build his confidence” – however, it instead subjects Sandman to Heinrich Von Flessle’s control. Heinrich Von Flessle then reports to someone whose hand we only see, stating that Sandman is his to control.

We next see Nova on patrol. We briefly see The Thing, from The Fantastic Four reading Dracula, before opting to check and see if “Charlie’s Angels” is still on. Nova then comes across a man being thrown out of a moving car. The man pleads with Nova to stop the car because they have abducted Doctor T’Kora. Nova manages to stop the car and save the doctor – however, Sandman is next to attack. Sandman uses his surprise to capitalize and defeat Nova. Heinrich Von Flessle arrives and together they take the doctor and Nova. Heinrich Von Flessle floods Sandman’s mind with images Michael Burley – who he is then commanded to kidnap!