Nova (V7) #9

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Nova #9 (V7)

Civil War II Tie In.

The issue opens up with the Mole Monster wondering where all the heroes of New York City are (expecting to fight, and defeat them) – and Nova wonders the same thing because he can’t seem to raise anyone on the communications. Sam zaps Mole Monster who retreats (falls?) into the very same hole he created; but the beast that Mole Monster was riding on the back of, begins to rampage through the city and knocks Sam through a window into a bar. A stranger at the bar begins discussing with the Sam about being a super hero, and when an explosion knocks over his beer, the stranger stands up and says that he will help Sam kick some monster rump. The stranger shows that he can fly and possesses super strength as he and Sam team up against Monster Mole’s… monster. The stranger introduces himself as The Captain from a “team” known as Nextwave, though he admits Nextwave hasn’t been much of anything for a long time. The Captain gives Sam a bitter run down of how the superhero business is not the way anyone should live; and that Sam needs to focus on what’s important. And when Sam asks him what that might be, The Captain simply replies, “Only you know.”

Sam flies home and speaks with his mother and explains, that if he can’t find what powers his Nova helmet, he will retire from being Nova.