Nova (V8) #5

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Nova #5 (V8)Sam arrives at the house and finds that his sister is stuck in the body of the purple creature that has grown in mass, having assimilated the Nova helmets also. Sam tries to help, but finds himself ensnared. His mother and grandmother begin attacking the alien creature, which manages to free Sam. Sam runs into the room, gets his Nova helmet and flies back and tells his mother and grandmother to get to some place safe, and that he will save his sister. Rich arrives and begins helping Sam; and in doing so, Rich’s skin turns purple, his arms take on an alien appearance; and like before he is able to push the alien creature through the rip he’s created.

Sam, now having seen this, asks Rich what he was. Rich explains that he is himself, but something came back with him; and it’s inside and he doesn’t know how to get rid of it. Sam, furious that it endangered his family, punches Rich repeatedly until Sam’s mother stops him. Rich apologies and the door opens again. Rich explains that he was sorry, and that as long as he’s alive, the door will keep opening, and that he cheated death; and now it keeps coming for him. He realizes that he has to sacrifice himself once more to close the door to the Cancerverse forever. Rich once again flies into the tear in the fabric of reality and seals the door shut behind him, returning to the Cancerverse – only to hear a distorted, but familiar voice welcoming him back – the Worldmind!