Nova #35 (V5)

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Nova35 # (V5)

This issue is a part of the REALM OF KINGS Saga.

The issue begins with the older, now only, Sphinx reshaping the world and reality as he sees fit. Darkhawk, now free of Sphinx’s control, realizes that he has given the second Ka Stone to the Sphinx. Nova tells Darkhawk not to worry about his mistake; and that the Sphinx had been controlling him to do what he had done; now their concern was putting a stop to the Sphinx who was reshaping reality. The younger Sphinx’s selected champions snap out of their hold as well, confused by what they see around them. They join Nova in attacking the Sphinx, who turns an annihilates Basilisk, searing his flesh from his bones. Reed notices that the younger Sphinx is alive and asks how they can stop the older Sphinx. The younger one explains that he can not be stopped; and that he has mastered paradox magic and used it to bypass the fundamental laws of the universe. The older Sphinx, now giant size, grabs the younger Sphinx and simply devours him.

Reed deduces, after Nova explains that it’s impossible for Black Bolt to die there, because he dies in 2009 during the Shi’ar War, that the Sphinx has used the Fault; where time and space are already fractured, in order to accomplish what he hopes to do. But the fact that Nova still recalls that Black Bolt dies in 2009 and “now” shows that the time line has not yet been altered; or else Nova would not remember Black Bolt dying during the Shi’ar War; because Nova’s memories would alter to a reality where Black Bolt did not die during the Shi’ar War. So Reed figures that the Sphinx has not yet altered reality beyond the Fault, because the Sphinx was still learning to use the Ka Stones to reshape reality WITHIN the Fault; where it would be easier, because time and space are already fractured. So if they managed to get Sphinx outside of the Fault, the time line and reality would literally cause him to explode if he was not ready to handle reshaping it.

Reed and Nova develop a plan. Nova flies around, keeping the Sphinx distracted while Reed tries to figure out how to manipulate the Sphinx outside of the Fault. He uses Nova to create a Stargate to bring Sphinx out of the Fault; causing the sheer power of two Ka Stones to collapse unto itself. Nova lands and Reed explains to everyone that they will all either now return to their proper places in time, or they will disintegrate along with the reality the Sphinx had attempted to create within the Fault. As it begins, and people fade away in the surging storm, Nova grabs Namorita and explains to her that he loves her and he refuses to let her – and before he can say “die” – they vanish.

Nova awakes in the Nova Corps Medical Bay, aboard the starship, where he is greeted by his brother, Robbie and Philo. Worldmind explains that the young lady that was with Nova seems to be fine, even if she is in a self-induced coma at the moment; Worldmind expected her to awaken soon. Nova looks and sees Namorita laying still. Darkhawk, also returned with Nova, questions if this is good; and claims that – not to take it wrong, but this will bite Nova in the ass. Nova turns to him and says, “Don’t take this wrong… but I don’t care.”