Darkhawk #15 (V1)

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Darkhawk awakes to several militants who have a gun to him, and explain that they have subdued Lodestone, gathered a number of Bazin’s mobsters, but that both Bazin and Powell’s corpses were washed out into the ocean. The militant explains that both Lodestone and Darkhawk will be held accountable for everything that’s happened and rot in the American prison at The Vault. Darkhawk, fearful of being delayed, fights the militants and makes his escape in one of their jeeps. He drives to the airport with the militants chasing him. As a plane is taking off he uses his talon-hook to snag onto an airplane and get away. He pulls himself into the plane and demands that they take him to New York. The pilot assures Darkhawk that he need not threaten them, as he owes Darkhawk for what he’s done to clean up the drug dealers where he lived in Forest Hills.

As the plane flies over New York, Darkhawk glides out of the plane and lands in a park, where once again the hole in his chest, where the amulet had previously been, begins acting up. At that same time, Madame Rose places the amulet on her head, per Tombstone’s request, to see if she can unlock the power of the amulet. She tells Tombstone, calling him Mr. Lincoln (to which he asks how she knew his real name, when he never mentioned it) that the amulet does possess great power, but it takes a special and very rare spirit to unlock its power. Tombstone grabs her, and tells her (not so much asking her), that he has the spirit that’s needed to unlock the amulet’s power. At that moment, Darkhawk, feeling the call of the amulet arrive. Madame Rose explains that he is the true owner of the amulet. Darkhawk tackles Tombstone, and the two go tumbling out the window falling several stories before crashing through the roof of a building. Darkhawk manages to grab the amulet, then hit Tombstone with some scrap metal, which only succeeds in annoying Tombstone further. Darkhawk uses a high voltage wire to strike Tombstone which finally manages to knock him out. Darkhawk picks up the amulet, chains Tombstone up, and quickly makes his escape as he hears the sirens approach. Darkhawk tries to turn back into Chris Powell now that he has the amulet, but it doesn’t work. Realizing he’s dying he accepts the fact and seeks his family to say goodbye to them. First he finds Jason in the hospital still, and thinks about how he has taken care of Bazin, the one who was responsible for the car bomb that put him in the hospital to begin with. Jonathan sees Chris shrouded in the trench coat and clothes and asks Chris where he’s been, unaware still, he’s trapped in the Darkhawk body. Jonathan explains that their mother has gone missing. Chris decides he will go find his mother. His first stop is to the local prison where he grabs Harry Lennox and questions him. Lennox tells Darkhawk all about “The Cabal” – the organization made up of police officers, who use the Savage Steel armor to take the law into their own hands, so that they have an edge.

At the Cabal’s meeting place, Johnny Leone, after speaking with Grace, sees that what they’re doing is wrong. Just then Darkhawk arrives and helps put the Cabal out of order, letting Johnny escape with Grace. As Darkhawk, he runs into an alleyway, feeling that his time is about to end soon. He slides on the amulet and thinks about everything that has led up to – all the things he’s done – as Darkhawk – and as he’s willing to die, realizing he’s made a difference, his body suddenly chances back to Chris Powell. He rushes back to meet his family at the hospital, where his mother informs him (though she has not yet told the twins) that she has gotten news that their father was dead. Later, Chris stands on the edge of the pier, considering the idea of being rid of the amulet, because it has nearly cost him his life several times, as well as robbing him of any chance of having a normal life. But he realizes, he was meant to be Darkhawk, and the world needs him as Darkhawk.