Nova (V7) #5

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Nova #5 (V7)

The issue begins with Sam Alexander struggling to get up. His mother scorns him about how she’s working two jobs and really needs Sam to be doing his part. Sam manages to get to school; although late, and not only gets in trouble, but also gets a surprise test sprung on the whole class, for which he has not even studied for. During lunch, his friends drill him for what he was doing all weekend, since he never responded to any of his texts. Sam eventually loses his patience and yells at his friends and excuses himself to do homework. The mysterious figure claiming to be Sam’s father approaches him, and Sam and he take off behind the school bleachers, in full costume, to discuss who this mysterious person is. The person explains that he’s a clone of Sam’s father, made by the Chitauri; and that because he is not 100% your father, that’s why the helmet kept shorting out on him. The Chitauri show up, after the clone explains that they had wanted him to kill Sam and retrieve the helmets; but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Though Sam has the idea of drawing the fight away from the school, the Chitauri know that attacking the school will bring Sam rushing back. They grab Sam and the Clone, and Sam tells the clone of his father to head for the skies; but as they reach a high altitude, one of the Chitauri ignites an explosive rendering Sam and the clone of his father unconscious as they crash through a roof. Sam recovers to see someone who looks like his father donning on the helmet that the clone of his father wore.