Firestar #2 (LS)

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Firestar #2 (LS)

The scene opens up with Firestar riding on the horse called Butter Rum. As she rides around, Randal informs her that her free period is over and she must return back to class. Unknown to Angelica Jones, the Massachusetts Academy and Emma Frost, is a cover for the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club.

Randal escorts Angelica into the training section, where they arrive early where they see the rest of the Hellions training while be advised by Emma Frost. After a less than grand performance, Emma Frost gives each of her Hellions a mind-blast to remind them of their failure. When the Hellions exit, they see Angelica being brought in, and make the comment that she must be “dangerous” to warrant her own bodyguard. Once inside the testing center, Angelica is told to begin using her powers. Almost immediately, Emma notices how powerful Angelica is, and says that she could possibly be the most powerful mutant she’s come across.

During the training, an image of Professor Xavier is cast whom Angelica is told to be an “evil man” who wants to harm both her and Emma Frost. Then a robotic version of Wolverine lunges at Angelica, and with little thought, she incinerates the robot. Remorseful at first, Emma Frost comforts her, assuring her it was merely a robot to test how she would react. She also tells Angelica that due to her powers, and the lack of control, that she must continue to be tutored privately.

When Angelica leaves, one of the Hellfire employees informs Emma that their monitors showed no energy signature on the attack against Wolverine. Emma dismisses it as a minor detail, while thinking to herself that she is well aware that Angelica did not actually destroy the robot version of Wolverine; that it was made to self-destruct.

In the hall, the other Hellions invite Angelica to go to a movie with them, now that they realize she is a mutant to, but she declines, keeping to herself that Emma had told her not to hang out with the other students because of the nature of her power and the lack of control.

A quick scene shift brings us to the New Mutants training inside the Danger Room as Professor Xavier discusses how he is still haunted by the fact that White Queen had beat the X-Men to Angelica Jones.

Another scene shift brings us back to the White Queen speaking with Sebastian Shaw, the notorious Black King, of the Hellfire Club. She informs him that Angelica Jones will be known as Firestar, and goes on to explain how her power works. Both agree she would make for a perfect assassin. White Queen informs Shaw that she has already begun “programming” Angelica’s thoughts.

A quick scene shift and we see Angelica in bed. Her bracelet, given to her by Emma Frost, glows as nightmares plague her mind. Nightmares that show the faces of the X-Men, all of them going after her.

Three weeks later as Angelica is walking down the hall, she notices a commotion. She tries to get close to see what it is, but there are too many people. That’s when she sees the other Hellions, and they tell her that she can’t go because Emma would never let her precious “teacher’s pet” go to the dance. Angelica thinks to herself that she will go whether or not Emma likes it.

The next day at the training complex of the Hellfire Club, Angelica is using her powers to permit herself to fly. While Emma is pleased, Angelica asks if she could go to the dance. Emma agrees to let her go if she promises to behave herself. White Queen smiles, thinking to herself that there are people at the dance that she wants Angelica to “meet.”

Meanwhile, back at the School for Gifted Youngsters, run by Professor Xavier the New Mutants approach Professor Xavier about attending the dance at Massachusetts Academy. Professor Xavier explains to the New Mutants that he is reluctant, but he finally does allow them.

Friday morning, Angelica goes to the stables to visit Buttermilk. While she’s there she sees employees escorting other horses out of the stables to be brought to a Horse Show. Angelica notes that Emma is so kind to leave Butter Rum, since she is Angelica’s only friend at the school.

At the dance, Sam Guthrie and Angelica dance. Emma uses her telepathy to influence Sam’s dialogue, so that Sam and Angelica go outside for a walk. Sam and Angelica kiss when suddenly, Emma enters Angelica’s mind, scorning her for risking Sam’s life. Ashamed and frightened, Angelica runs to the stables, where it would appear her intense emotions end up igniting the barn on fire. In the tragedy of the fire, Butter Rum does not survive. Emma comforts Angelica, telling her that she must trust Emma and Emma only, because no one else will ever be able to help her. Emma also thinks to herself that she had started the fire herself and also telepathically stopped the horse’s heart.

But witness to it all would be Sam Guthrie, better known as the New Mutant, Cannonball.