New Warriors #6 (V4)

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New Warriors #6 (Volume 4)

The issue begins with Kaz asking Grace if she thought Night Thrasher was serious about disbanding the New Warriors. Grace informs Kaz that someone like Night Thrasher isn’t exactly known for his sense of humor (although explains this in her – as Kaz put it – “Hip Hop White Girl Lingo”).

Down in the training room, Wondra confronts Night Thrasher about dissolving the team. Night Thrasher explains that with Longstrike getting killed, Sophia nearly fatally wounded, it was clear to him that the idea of the “New Warriors” was a bad one. Ripcord and Skybolt chime in that they had risked their lives and they were willing to keep doing so – and that just because the chips were down was no reason to fold. Wondra went on to explain that none of them had anywhere else to go – to which Night Thrasher assured them that they would all be given their own debit-card that had two hundred thousand dollars credit on it – as a way to get on their feet, and thank them for their time and effort.

The scene shifts to a later time, where we see Sophia speaking with the doctor – and while beaten, bruised, and bandaged – she is informed that she will indeed survive. She gets a visit from her co-workers from the restaurant, where a hospital doctor enters and tells them they must leave. Once they are gone, a click of the button reveals that it is none other than Wondra.

The scene makes another shift, this time to Officer Givens and Officer Sykes. They discover that the story Black Panther had told them had all checked out. Frustrated that their leads had run dry – they’re surprised to see an envelope with a disc inside slipped under the door. Checking outside, there is no one to be seen. They put the disc in and their expression is one of surprise.

Officer Sykes and Officer Givens meet with a contact of Sykes – and confirm with him that it appears that none other than Tony Stark is funding the New Warriors with the idea of – “a hero who creates a villain, remains a hero for life.” Speaking with their contact Ben, they begin to wonder if Tony Stark started the Civil War to basically “save” the world from using heroes and villains as the next form of “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

The scene shifts yet again where we see the remaining New Warriors working out for what appears to be the last time. Night Thrasher enters, saying he has their debit cards and inquires where Jubilee is. At that very moment the door opens and Sophia walks in, followed by Jubilee. Sophia confronts Night Thrasher about the idea of closing shop on the New Warriors, telling him that she believes his speech from before – that freedom is never free – and will always come with a cost – and that what’s important is that no matter the cost – that one continues to fight for freedom. Jubilee confronts Night Thrasher next saying that the New Warriors will continue with or without him – so he should either lead them or get the hell out.

At this point – we also learn the identities of the New Warriors. Blackwing being Barnell Bohusk – formerly known as Beak. Decibel being Jonathon Starsmore – formerly known as Chamber. Phaser being Christian Cord – fomerly known as Radian. Ripcord being Miranda Leevald – formerly known as Stacy X. Skybolt being Vin Stewart – formerly known as Redneck. Tempest being Angel Salvadore – formerly Angel. And Wondra being Jubilation Lee – formerly Jubilee. When everyone turns to Night Thrasher to see who he is – he simply says, “In due time.”

The scene shifts once more and we see Givens and Sykes confronting Tony Stark with the information they have come across. Tony rapidly denies it and demands to know where they had acquired the information.

The scene shifts one last time for this issue, and we see the crippled Donyell Taylor stand up and walk away from his wheelchair.