New Warriors #4 (V2)

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New Warriors #4 (Volume 2)

The issue opens up with Nova, Bolt and Turbo all climbing away from the Crashpad, which is now a fiery inferno. Outside, James and the other members of the gang laugh and cheer about how they blew the fortress sky-high. Emerging from the smoke, Aegis grabs James, while the other members quickly make their escape.

James quickly rats out that it is a man named Harley Traynor who is selling the massive weapons to them, operating out of a warehouse in Williamsburg. James then threatens Aegis with revealing his secret identity to the Warriors, which Aegis has kept from them. Aegis, not wanting his identity revealed, tells James to hit him. James does so, and Aegis releases him, making it look as if he fell for the sucker punch.

Namorita arrives to see the Crashpad in ruins. When she asks what happened, Nova is quick to point out that it was Aegis’ fault. Aegis kindly reminds him and the Warriors that he is new to the “hero business” – and though he may be responsible, due to lack of experience, he did manage to get the name of the arms dealer, supplying the gangs with their massive weapons. Dalton who arrives to investigate to see if its arson, hears that, and when the Warriors depart, he quickly contacts Mr. Silverman.

Mr. Silverman, within his own home, finds himself being yelled at by his father about taking care of the New Warriors.

The New Warriors track down Harley Traynor, and when they confront him inside the warehouse, they’re surprised to be ambushed by a team calling themselves Heavy Mettle, which include the members: Firestrike, Barracuda, a new, female Blackwing, Riot, Stronghold, and Warbow.

During the fight, the Warriors eventually get the upper hand and Heavy Mettle realizes it’s better to flee for now. However, during the battle – Turbo takes notice to how Firestrike has a fire based power, and wonders to herself if he is the one responsible for the fire at the previous warehouse. Heavy Mettle makes good on their escape, leaving the Warriors to question Harley Traynor.

The scene shifts to Namorita and Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, having dinner at a public restaurant. However, they notice how much people are looking at them, so they take to the roof and simply enjoy one another’s company – that eventually leads to a heartfelt kiss shared between the two of them.

The scene shifts again, this time to the home of Trey Rollins, Aegis. His mother checks on him, concerned that he has fallen into the wrong crowd. He assures her that he hasn’t and that he has been studying. But this does make him wonder what happened to James, to make him fall into the gang scene.

The scene changes again and the New Warriors are staring at their newest base of operations – an abandoned firehouse beneath the Manhattan bridge. Dalton explains that due to budget cuts, it is no longer being used; but the city was willing to rent it out to the New Warriors to use.

Later that night, the Warriors are spying on the main hangout of the B2D (Born to Die) gang; and as the Warriors discuss barging in and getting their weapons, Speedball points out that James is there, hiding behind a tree with gun in hand, to extract his revenge. As the New Warriors spring into action, James grabs one of the opposing gang members named Julio, and holds the gun to his head, threatening to kill him. When Turbo tries to wrestle the gun from him, James accidentally pulls the trigger, the bullet going through Julio’s head, tragically ending his life all too soon.

When the chaos breaks out, Aegis’ prime concern is blocking the bullet fire from James’ back as he flees.

Back at the Firehouse, Turbo contemplates the idea if she hadn’t tried to wrestle the gun from James, that Julio would still be alive. Nova tells Turbo that it’s not her fault, and that Aegis is to blame. Aegis doesn’t deflect the comment, the way his armor might deflect any other form of attack. He agrees that it is his fault, and then he explains how James once saved his life during a drive by shooting; and that Aegis is loyal to his friends, perhaps to a fault. He then removes his mask and shares his identity and his name.

Meanwhile, Mr. Silverman learns of Traynor’s arrest, and contacts a corrupt guard at the local prison to arrange an accident for Traynor before he can speak and cut a deal with the local authorities.