Darkhawk #13 (V1)

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The issue begins with Tombstone speaking with Clarence and Terrance, who are scientists who worked for Hammerhead. Tombstone assures them, if they help him unlock the power of the Darkhawk amulet, he will make them rich; if they cross him, he will, without hesitation kill them. As the two scientists begin working on the amulet it begins to emit high energy levels. Pondering what it could mean, at that very same moment, in the basement of his home, Chris Powell, stuck in the Darkhawk form, screams in pain. Chris reflects on who he should trust and ask for help from; but the sound of his mother, and younger brother, Jonathan, coming home shakes him out of his thoughts. He quickly grabs a few personal possessions he had come for and makes his escape.

At Wonderland, Darkhawk finds Saint Johnny and begins questioning him about what he knows about the Darkhawk armor. Though he threatens to kill Saint Johnny, he realizes that he doesn’t know anything about the Darkhawk armor. He lets Saint Johnny go and determines that he will see this through to the end – whatever end that may be. The scene takes a minor shift to Grace Powell, visiting Harry Lennox in jail, questioning his connection with Savage Steel and Mike Powell and Darkhawk. Harry says it’s not that simple and refuses to speak further on the matter. The scene shifts again to Darkhawk, dropping in on Louie McPhee. Louie tries to make a stand against Darkhawk, but it proves to be futile. Darkhawk shoves Louie’s face right above the BBQ he had been cooking on just moments ago, asking where Bazin is. Louie confesses that he got a call about shipping and moving some of Bazin’s things from Marine Air Terminal to Althea Island, in the Caribbean, where Bazin has some contacts. Darkhawk arrives at the airport terminal and finds Bazin’s men loading a private plane.

Three hours later, the pilot gets a message that Bazin’s favorite statue was left behind. Puzzled, they wonder what they brought on-board. They open the case and Darkhawk comes out fighting. Unfortunately during the fight, one of the enemies is slammed against the pilot who loses consciousness and the plane crashes into the broadside of a mountain.

Elsewhere, Grace is checking in the Property Room of the Police Station, to look for clues among the Savage Steel armor, when she sees some people escaping with some equipment. She decides to follow them and just as she goes to get the license plate, someone finds her and puts a gun to her, telling her to come quietly.

The scene changes to the crash side, where Darkhawk manages to crawl out of the wreckage, noting that there were no other survivors. As he looks around to try and piece together where he is, he’s attacked by none other than Spider-Man’s foe, Venom. Darkhawk tries to put up a fight, but between his wound, and Venom’s experience battling Spider-Man repeatedly, Venom clearly seems to have the edge.