Nova #10 (V5)

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Nova #10 (V5)

The issue opens up with Gamora lying in Nova’s arms. They both seem to wake up at the same time – and immediately Gamora realizes where she is – and attempts to kill Nova. Nova kicks her away from him and immediately takes the defense. Nova tries to tell her to stop, but she continues to lunge at him. Only when he has a fully charged blast ready to unleash and placed under her chin does she give pause.

Nova asks her what the last thing she remembered was – and she recalled Drax and her going after Nova – she remembered the collapsed star – she remembered Drax and her jumping through the transport in Knowhere – she remembered attacking Nova – but then nothing after that.

She couldn’t recall how she and Nova had gotten to be where they were – not even sure where they were. She couldn’t recall why Drax was nowhere to be found. She couldn’t recount pieces from her fight with Nova to now.

They both discover that their transport module from Knowhere is blank – as if their journey had somehow been interrupted. Worldmind confirms that it is unable to verify their location either. Gamora goes on to explain that even her senses seemed somehow numbed.

Nova and Gamora come across what appears to be the only life form – a Pachyceph Voidnaut that had been injured. With Worldmind’s assistance, Nova is able to understand and speak with the injured alien.

However, before Nova is able to help the injured alien, colorful amoeba like creatures descend from the heavens and begin devouring the alien. Nova tries his best to help – but it’s clear that there is nothing that can be done. Instead he grabs Gamora and takes off to try and escape the unknown alien entities.

When they land, Worldmind informs Nova that he is unable to identify the amoeba alien species because it is working on keeping the Phalanx Virus in check. Gamora tells Nova to surrender to it – and once again be full of the confidence and potential that Nova had reached as a Phalanx Select. Nova bats her away and tells her that he will fight it or die – anything – everything – to not be like her.

Then Ko-Rel gets brought up – and Gamora claims she was useless – but Nova defends her, explaining that she was trying to save him – and Gamora brutally murdered her. This leads to Nova discussing the murderer – the monster – that the Phalanx has turned her into. She replies with the idea that she was always a murderer and a monster, in Nova’s eyes, but the Phalanx gave her direction and purpose.

The amoeba like aliens find Gamora and Nova – and under Worldmind’s advice they break off – however, Worldmind suggests leaving Gamora behind to die since she is Phalanx Select now – but Nova doesn’t, claiming it’s not his style.

Flying with Gamora, Nova spots a fiery vortex ahead and decides it could perhaps be some kind of gateway. Deciding to go into it, and after a moment – everything stops. Nova looks around and sees the amoeba like aliens not far off. Worldmind informs Nova that he has figured out what has happened. That both he and Gamora were snatched up by a Vore – a creature that hunts between dimensions, and that the amoeba like aliens were all inside of its gestation sack.

Nova grabs Gamora, and together they exit. Gamora, now free realizes this is her chance to strike – however, Nova is wise to her and zaps her unconscious before she can plunge her dagger into him. He grabs Gamora and finds Drax fighting and shouting for Gamora. He throws Gamora at her and tells Drax to look after her – but throws her hard enough that it knocks Drax off his feet.

Nova continues his jump to the home planet of the Technarchy – at which point Worldmind delivers the news to Nova.

He has approximately two hours to live before he dies from fighting the Techno-Virus within his body.