Darkhawk Annual #3 (V1)

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“Future Shock”

Somewhere in the future, Damek the Earth Shaker renders the block of New York City into rubble. Several who observe agree that Damek should be the one to go after Powell. Damek is sent back in time, to present day, to hunt and find Powell.

Elsewhere, there is a celebration at the new Powell house hold, as Mike Powell is back and alive. Cheryl talks to Chris about what went wrong with their relationship, and Chris briefly considers how his life is now that he and Darkhawk are finally two separate beings.

Speaking of Darkhawk, the scene shifts to show him battling the Dreamkiller and having a bad time of it – just like before. (See Darkhawk Annual #2). Darkhawk however, for the first time, manages to defeat Dreamkiller by electrocuting him, which stuns the Dreamkiller long enough for the Guardsmen to show up and put Dreamkiller in a cage that should be able to prevent him from escaping and merging with his human counter part, Alex. A short time later, while Chris is walking down the street, he suddenly finds himself confronted by Damek. However, Darkhawk also arrives and attacks Damek as well. However, Damek with ability to control Earthly matters, uses stone to bury Darkhawk; who gets his force field up in time, but can feel the substantial strain on him. Damek seems to know a fair amount about Darkhawk’s encounter with Alex Tennyson, and how he had threatened Alex to try and defeat Dreamkiller (in Darkhawk Annual #2 again). Darkhawk emerges from the stone and manages to best Damek. When Damek explains that Darkhawk’s power is great, he then accepts his fate that he is to be killed, since Darkhawk is evil. Darkhawk questions him, and it’s revealed that Damek is related to Alex Tennyson in the distant future.Darkhawk explains that he doesn’t intend on killing Damek, and that Alex was a cold blooded murderer. This infuriates Damek, who pounces Darkhawk, and uses his power to summon up stone, on which he escapes upon, flying. He spots the Guardsmen van with Dreamkiller inside, and once again uses his power to topple over the truck. Damek frees Dreamkiller; and Dreamkiller proceeds to kill several of the wounded Guardsmen. Damek agrees to help and Dreamkiller suggests going after Mr. Blenholt’s relatives. (Interesting to note, this time Dreamkiller refers to Mr. Blenholt as “Craig” rather than “Victor” as he did in Darkhawk Annual #2). Darkhawk arrives, but is blasted away. Damek and Dreamkiller go after him, but Darkhawk slips into Stealth Mode. However, Chris who is close by is detected by Dreamkiller, who grabs him and threatens to kill him. Damek, seeing that Chris and Darkhawk were right about Dreamkiller’s bloodlust and hate, frees Chris and turns on Dreamkiller, teaming up with Darkhawk against him. Suddenly someone cries out as Dreamkiller is defeated, revealing Alex Tennyson observing it all and panicking at seeing Dreamkiller defeated. Alex attempts to flee, but Darkhawk uses his talon to trip him; in the fall Alex releases the amulet, which Damek captures. The amulet is given to the police and Alex is arrested. Damek leaves with Darkhawk and learns that the other from his future, that helps defeat Dreamkiller/Alex Tennyson wasn’t Darkhawk and Chris Powell, but Darkhawk and Damek. A time portal opens for Damek to return, but furious that he had been grown up to believe a lie, refuses to return, telling Darkhawk and Chris that he must go and find his own path now.

“Who’s That Knocking On My Door”

Is a short story of Darkhawk and Doctor Strange teaming up, in which they attempt to repair a rift in the dimension that scientists inadvertently discovered and ripped open.

“Caught In The Cross Fire”

Is a short story with Darkhawk trying to put an end to street level violence, in which an innocent young man is caught in the middle and gunned down. Darkhawk learns that with his powers, he can stop bigger things, but street level violence will continue to be a problem.

“Down These Mean Streets”

Is a short story about Jim Zafar as Savage Steel helping out a neighborhood plagued by crime.