Darkhawk #33 (V1)

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The issue begins with Darkhawk investigating the New York Harbor, which has been plagued by attacks by an unknown force, leaving ships damaged, and sinking some, with only the message that the New York Harbor must be abandoned. While Darkhawk stands on the pier and ponders if he’s doing this to take away from his current thoughts, which include wondering if his father was actually alive, he is suddenly yanked from those thoughts as tentacles wrap around him and pull him into the water. Darkhawk comes face to face with the one responsible for the attacks, the person in question calling himself ‘Cuda, and informing Darkhawk that he is not impressed, and nor will he negotiate or compromise. Darkhawk, fearing he will drown, uses a force blast from his chest to free himself and propel himself towards the surface. Darkhawk dives back down into the water, and even with his infra-vision, is unable to locate Cuda through the thick polluted waters.

Returning to the surface, he informs several officers patrolling the pier that he had encountered Cuda, who had managed to escape him. Chris returns to Headset’s house, where he is staying, having been kicked out of his own home, and manages to wake up Mr. Rubino, who was sleeping on the couch waiting for Chris. He informs Chris that his mother is frantic and called five times, and that it was three in the morning! Chris goes up to his room in the attic and decides that he can’t hold onto the Evilhawk amulet anymore, and takes it to Avengers Headquarters, where he hands it off to Black Widow, Captain America, Hercules and Crystal.

Chris later goes to Radio WRCK, where he had formerly worked at an intern, and lands a job filing papers. Excited to have a job, he begins planning on eventually getting his own place when a car skids to a stop in front of him, and it’s none other than Allegra. Chris sees that she’s crying and enters the car to comfort her, as she explains that she fears her brother, Broderick may have gone off the deep end once again. Speaking of Broderick, the scene shifts to him in Central Park, where he kills another man who had betrayed, in Broderick’s eyes, Philippe Bazin. He then later picks up Jason from school, informing him that his mother had asked him to pick up Jason and take him out for awhile. At that very moment, at the New York Courthouse, Grace discovers that the same rash of current murders, matches the same set of murders previously; and also happens to be the same one that appears to share the same exact pattern as the one that killed Alena Bazin several years ago. Chris, at this time, tries to convince Allegra to go to the police if she thinks her brother has done something terrible – but she refuses, suspecting the police will harass her as well, because of being Philippe’s daughter. At that moment the radio broadcasts that more ships have been attacked by the one calling himself Cuda.

Chris excuses himself and changes into Darkhawk and arrives just as another ship is attacked. He dives underwater and confronts Cuda, who begins immediately beating on Darkhawk.

In the meantime, Jason is with Broderick at an arcade. Broderick gives Jason a box promising that with it, he can begin “getting back at the world.”

Darkhawk, in the meantime, continues to combat Cuda, and manages to blast him, temporarily wounding Cuda, but not longer enough for Darkhawk to get away, as Cuda’s tendrils wrap around Darkhawk and yank him underwater.