Night Thrasher #10 (V2)

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Night Thrasher #10 (V2)

The issue opens up with Night Thrasher breaking into the Stark Enterprise. We see Night Thrasher’s armor using new technology; for example being able to track where the surveillance cameras are; as well as a camouflage mode that essentially renders him invisible as it adapts to his surroundings. Night Thrasher makes it into the room of Tony Stark and is confronted by Iron Man!

In Nadua, off the Eastern Coast of Africa J’Bada and Father Janes discuss the recent events of the dam once built by Stark Enterprise. J’Bada and others retell how the New Warriors and Iron Man battled one another over the dam, and the end result was the dam’s destruction. (For this tale, see IRON MAN #303-304).

The scene shifts back to Night Thrasher and Iron Man, where Night Thrasher explains there was far more than what J’Bada had told either of them. Night Thrasher showed Iron Man that there was crude oil just beneath where the Keeyana Tribe dwelt and that the best drilling point ran through the Keeyana Valley; which the Keeyana knew about; but they also knew that drilling through a flooded valley would have added billions to the prospective costs of retrieving the crude oil. When Iron Man questions why he should help Night Thrasher, he explains that the Keeyanas have already signed a deal with Roxxon – the very company using Stark Enterprises’ technology.

The scene shifts back to J’Bada where he is speaking with one of the members of the Cabinet Office and explaining that once the process goes through he will receive the last of the payments in American Currency for his work in pushing the oil refinery project through.

Elsewhere, Night Thrasher and Iron Man – both camouflaged in their armor watch two guards who stand over a portion of crude oil. Night Thrasher takes the two guards down while Iron Man fetches a sample of the oil. However, an armored guard of Roxxon appears and shoots the sample crude oil out of Iron Man’s hands. Iron Man and Night Thrasher make very quick work of the steel guardian.

The scene shifts to the Ministry Building where the Cabinet Official, George who had been speaking and accepting bribes from J’Bada, explains how an they must preserve the valley’s life by canceling the dam project – however, just then Dwayne Taylor and Tony Stark arrive, throwing the steel guardian’s head down and explaining how the intent of J’Bada and others was to build an oil refinery and rape the land of its resources, far worse than the dam would have ever done. Dwayne also explains that they are not there to explain which is the right or wrong answer; only that everyone know the one thing that’s the most important – the truth, and all of the facts. So that when a choice is made, whether right or wrong, they can not claim ignorance.

In the epilogue we see Sphinx cursing Night Thrasher. And so begins an all out cross over entitled “Time and Time Again.”