Justice #1 (LS)

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Justice #1 (LS)

Her name is Alison Gaulthing and not too long ago she ran away from home to be away from her father. Her life there wasn’t the best but tonight her life has taken a turn for the worse. She is running for her life. A life that will not last beyond tonight. Running on the rooftop when she reaches the end, she makes a daring jump for the next rooftop. It’s a risk that in the end costs her the very life she was running to save.

She lands on the garbage littered ground her eyes vacant of life. Several figures are seen walking around her body saying that they now have a lot of trouble. The scene shifts to the Crashpad training room where Justice is allowing Firestar and Night Thrasher to take their best shots at him. Maintaining flight he easily deflects all of their attacks. When the training ends, Chord calls Justice to let him know that Ms. Kelly Hitchuck.

Ms. Kelly Hitchuck explains that Alison Gaulthing was murdered and the number one suspect is a street gang known as “The Yancy Street Gang.” So Justice agrees to look into the matter and heads to an arcade where the Yancy Street Gang is known to hang out. From there he gets a lead to head to Kirby’s Soda Shop. In a brief battle that lands trash being dumped on Justice’s head, he manages to refrain all of the Yancy Street Gang using his telekinesis. Thing from the Fantastic Four appears and tells Justice that things may not be as they appear.

From there he gets a lead that perhaps who Justice should be checking with is none other than Alison Gaulthing’s father. So Justice heads to Gaulthing Consortium where he barges despite the protests of Gaulthing’s new secretary, Janice. From there, Justice learns that he can dig all he wants, but he’s not going to like what he finds.

When Justice reports back to Ms. Kelly Hitchuck, she informs him that he should begin his search with the investigation of Gaulthing’s secretary, Janice Ian.