Real Name: Rina Patel
Aliases: None
Identity: Publically known thanks to the events of Civil War
Occupation: Student at Hunter College
Citizenship: United States Citizen, presumed.
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: Mother (Deceased)
Group Affiliation: The New Warriors
First Appearance: New Warriors #59
History: Rina Patel is a mutant, born with special, superhuman abilities. Initially her only known special ability was to completely swap her current consciousness with her consciousness from any other point in her life, past or future.

In her first appearance,Rina was seen “time-swapping” to when she was four years old, as an escape from studying. At the same time, her four-year-old consciousness was time-swapped to her college-age self, causing the child version of herself to panic. Suddenly Rina’s current self was ripped to another time, a bewildering vision of herself in a super hero outfit talking with the New Warriors in their Crashpad headquarters. The short episode passed, and a confused Rina decided to pay little heed to the strange future that seemed to be in store for her.

In her next appearance, Rina once again time-swapped to her own near future and found herself holding what appeared to be a dying Speedball/Robbie Baldwin in her arms.

Concerned for Robbie’s welfare, Rina began making concerted efforts to contact and warn him of her frightening future vision. However Speedball did not take her warnings seriously, assuming she was a “super hero stalker” of some kind. Ultimately Rina found Carlton LaFroyge (AKA Hindsight Lad) and convinced him of her sincerity and special abilities by pushing him out of the way of an oncoming truck. This involved Rina warping time so that she seemed to be moving super-fast, an ability she had not previously realized she had.

Trying to help Rina (and her warnings) be taken seriously by the New Warriors, Hindsight Lad designed a super hero costume for her, dubbed her “Timeslip”, and arranged for her to meet with the team while showing off her time-warping abilities. Even after this demonstration and Rina’s impassioned warnings,  Speedball was still dubious about her predictions, while the rest of the team did not know quite what to make of her. However, Timeslip’s persistence convinced the Warriors to keep her around as they tried to figure out how to prevent her future vision of Speedball’s death from coming to pass.

Over time it became clear that Timeslip’s visions always came true exactly as she saw them, and Robbie’s apparent death was no exception. The Sphinx appeared and, brushing the Warriors aside, killed Speedball in cold blood. He died in her arms, just as she had foreseen.

However it was ultimately revealed that the Speedball who died in Rina’s arms was in fact an exact duplicate who had been created in the year 2092. This advanced biological construct was designed to take Robbie’s place as a sleeper agent, tasked with preventing a deranged time-hopping villain, Advent, from rewriting future history to his liking. The Sphinx purposely killed this Speedball duplicate because “he would have failed” to stop Advent. This brutal and seemingly senseless act of murder set in motion a chain of events that drew Rina into the New Warriors team and allowed her to stop Advent herself, saving the future and the rest of the New Warriors.

Timeslip remained with the team through the rest of New Warriors and was instrumental in preventing the Dire Wraith queen Volx from detonating a device that could have eliminated the special powers of thousands of superhumans. However, in helping to contain the blast, Rina was thought to have lost her powers forever. However, during the events of Civil War, she was seen dressed in her Timeslip outfit, fleeing for her life.

Rina Patel was confirmed as one of the 142 registered superheroes to appear to have joined the Initiative and trained at Camp Hammond. She was later seen, celebrating the holidays in San Francisco with the X-Men and other mutants, who remained after the events of M-Day.

Height: 5’8″
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Powers: Rina Patel could exchange her consciousness with her past or future self. Eventually she was capable of limited time travel, and employed her abilities to simulate super speed.

Accessories: None.