Nova (V8) #2

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Nova #2 (V8)Issue begins with Sam Alexander rushing to find out what the Nova signal is, he has received. He thinks about how he feels cheated, because his father had gone missing and that he spent all this time as Nova looking for his father; finally finding him, only to discover that, in the end, it was a clone and not his father. Hopeful that this signal coming from another Nova might be his father, Sam races over and sees the golden helmet like his father wore and catches the falling Nova, only to discover it’s none other than Rich Rider – the Man called Nova. However, before Sam can ask anything, he finds himself under attack by a large purple, spherical, alien creature with tentacles.

Sam attempts to defend the unconscious Rich Rider, by the creature proves to be a little too powerful. Rich regains consciousness and together, they push the creature back through the tear in the sky, from which Rich had also fallen out of. Sam brings him to get diagnosed and verifies that it is indeed Rich Rider, who had thought to have been dead. Through Sam, Rich also meets Miles Morales (Spider-Man), Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Cyclops (young, time displaced version) and Viv, the synthetic daughter of the (former Avenger) Vision. Rich suddenly sees each of them in a horrifying, death-like manner, and leaves. Sam follows him and they have a brief talk; together they go back to Sam’s house, and find that his mother is hosting a party. After the party, Sam shows Rich the collection of the Nova helmets of all the deceased Novas. As they leave, a portion of the purple creature that had attacked, makes its way to one of the Nova helmets. In the meantime, Sam and Rich fly to Knowhere and meet up with Cosmo. The three head down to the bar, where suddenly Death’s Head, Titus and a Chitauri show up, claiming there’s a bounty on the heads of Nova Corp members – dead or alive.