Nova #29 (V5)

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Nova #29 (V5)

The issue begins with Worldmind using a tractor beam to bring in the Nova Corps ship known as the Resolute Duty, which disappeared almost thirty five years ago in the Denes Cluster. In the meantime, Richard dons the Nova outfit and prepares to fly to the ship. Fraktur, Marrow and Irani join him (though they now wear the red colored Nova outfits). Unknown to Nova and the others, they’re being watched by someone who is using a cloaking device. Aboard the ship, Nova reports back to Worldmind, informing it that they have spread out to cover as much of the ship as possible. Irani reports nothing, while Fraktur reports that droids, running on the remaining resources of their power and batteries, are continuing their every day normal schedule.

The cloaked figure aboard the ship uses Nanotechnology to send a signal back to Worldmind, scrambling it. The end result is the termination of Worldmind’s connection with the rest of the Nova Centurions. Irani also reports that the ship seems to be adrift since the tractor beam also ceased. Nova calls out for Worldmind to respond, but finds himself under attack instead by a shadowed figure. Aboard Nu-Xandar, they consider going out to assist Nova, but Robbie informs them that they’re playing by Richard’s rules now, and he specifically said that they were to remain behind no matter what.

Aboard the ship, Nova forces his attacker to identify himself and is surprised when he sees a green skinned, humanoid staring back at him – wearing the Nova Corps Uniform. The alien identifies himself as Zan Philo, Centurion 2617-8355. Zan explains that some kind of accident happened that threw his ship outside of the reality he knew. For years, he tried repeatedly to return and failed each time, unable to repeat the accident that had lunged him and his ship into some alternate reality. Once he believed it was futile to return, he began proceeding with his job; bring law to lawless planets. One of his prisoners, a Neutron Slave Gang Boss, was one of his prisoners. Zan explained that he feared that the prisoner’s gang may have followed Zan through the Fault.

On board Nu-Xandar, Robbie discovers that the nanotechnology that has thrown Worldmind into lock down has forced Worldmind to focus all of its energy fighting the nanotechnology… as a result, Worldmind is unable to slow down Ego’s healing process.

Aboard Zan’s ship, Zan explains that the prisoner, called The Mind, was formerly a Neutron Slave. He explains that Neutron Slaves, once they discovered they could make a drug called “Krush” over threw their masters and became drug runners. When Marrow asks about Zan’s arms, Zan explains that the droids, who constantly repair the ship, also “repaired” his arm by attaching the arm of a Grogox that he had killed, when his arm was so severely damaged. They also made his other almost completely cybernetic. Worldmind comes online at that moment and informs Nova that the nanotechnology came from the ship they’re on – and while Worldmind can not pinpoint where the alien is, Worldmind has been able to pinpoint where the alien isn’t – and discovers that the attacker is standing next to Nova. Nova looks to his side and sees Fraktur, who reveals himself to be Monark Starstalker. Punching Zan, Monark explains that his nanotechnology clouds all forms of electronics, making it almost impossible to get a solid fix on him. He uses a shield to deflect Marrow’s assault, and produces a Vortex Pistol to take our Irani. Monark then summons Ulysses, a cybernetic falcon-drone made golden metal. Marrow gets the drop on Monark, but Monark manages to break free.

Zan explains that the attack is Monark Starstalker, a bounty hunter. Zan and Monark get into a discussion over who has legal rights over the Neutron Slave Drug Runner. While Monark claims to have all the paperwork, Nova informs him that the ship has slipped back to its normal reality and that the paperwork Monark has is null and void. At that moment, Worldmind appears and informs Nova that Ego is back and they’re fighting him for control. As if matters could not get more complicated, the Mindless Ones, members of the Black Hole Sons, land on the ship and begin tearing into it…