Darkhawk #25 (V1)

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The issue begins with Evilhawk realizing, much to his dismay, that his anger had gotten the best of him and he had disintegrated Darkhawk. All that remained was the Darkhawk amulet; picking it up, Evilhawk suddenly sensed a presence within the gem. The issue takes a twist as we see Chris Powell being contained by some form of black energy, when he’s suddenly released and finds himself under attack by what appears to be a self aware security system.

The scene takes another shift, and we see the folks of Code Blue driving away. Saint Johnny is reverted to his human form, and the person who claimed to have worn the Darkhawk armor previously is with him. Saint Johnny apologizes for his behavior, but now with Evilhawk/Dargin gone, the control that Dargin had over Saint Jonny’s techno virus also waned, allowing Saint Johnny to regain control of himself. Saint Johnny and the previous “Darkhawk” suddenly find themselves under attack by Jason, who has a bat and demands that they tell him where his brother is. Not far away, the Events Committee shows up at the site that Darkhawk and Evilhawk had fought at. Headset catches up and explained that both Chris and Darkhawk were in the area, and that he had a bad feeling for both of them being in great danger.

The scene jumps back to Jason swinging the bat at Saint Johnny and the mysterious figure. Saint Johnny manages to restrain Jason, but not before Grace shows up with Jon, holding a gun. But the tide turns once more, as Evilhawk blasts them and shouts that they should be killed for even threatening them.

Back aboard the space ship, in the very area that Chris had once been imprisoned, a figure slowly forms there. For Chris, the security defense stops, and suddenly Chris hears a voice apologizing. The voice explains that Evilhawk was a crime lord by the name of Dargin Bokk, from the planet Luq. The ship continues to explain that Bokk threatened Mondu’s family to get the knowledge of how to store humanoid conscious into technological storage; then got Mandeja’s help (at the cost of mere gems) in mastering technological teleportation; an Earthian named Bryon was forced to work on his master of androids; Graczia was forced, through blackmail, to assist Bokk on mastering telepathy; Kig was forced to work for Bokk in mastering the techno-virus; and finally, Ocsh helped Bokk delve into the realm of “Null Space.” The scientists had created five “Darkhawks.” Though even Dargin’s brother, Ryne, saw the evils that Dargin had hoped to achieve, he could not betray his brother, so when the scientists donned the Darkhawk armors, Ryne sat on the sidelines. Dargin had managed to wound Mandeja, forcing her to human form, where he killed her and took her amulet. However, he did not know the true power of the armor, and had accidentally blasted a hole in the side of the ship. Most of Dargin’s cronies died in the following explosions, while Dargin, realizing the ship was doomed, escaped in his own personal ship.

The ship explains that Ocsh was changing back to his human form, when another series of explosions rocked the ship killing his body; but somehow transferring his mind into the ship itself.

The scene changes once more and we see Evilhawk return and grab Saint Johnny, forcing him to use his techno-virus to open a portal to Null Space. Once aboard the ship, Evilhawk resumes control of the ship and disables Ocsh’s conscious. Evilhawk confronts Chris Powell, and goes on to explain how Bryon and Mondu activated a fail safe plan. They used Mental Projection from the amulets so that when the remainder of the ship was incinerated, along with their bodies, their conscious was thrust through the Null Void, where on Earth, a beacon where experiments had been occurring – their energies rip through the complex, killing all but two; Ned Dobbs and John Trane. Bryon had suddenly found himself inhabiting Ned’s mind, while Mondu was in Thane’s. In their human forms they had gone to the Fantastic Four who decline to believe them. Evilhawk subdues Chris Powell and begins the “Mind Death” in his attempt to take over Chris’ mind. Chris resists and manages to overload the system, buying him enough time to get a hold of the amulet, and changing himself into Darkhawk.

Darkhawk and Evilhawk fight and Darkhawk manages to deflect Evilhawk’s blast, reflecting it back upon Evilhawk. It incinerates Evilhawk leaving only Evilhawk’s amulet behind. Darkhawk takes it, and with Ocsh’s help manages to teleport back to Earth!