New Warriors #1 (V4)

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New Warriors #1 (Volume 4)

The issue opens up with the villainous Avengers foe, Grey Gargoyle, apparently running for his life. A shadowed figure in the skies keeps a close eye on Grey Gargoyle, reporting to other unseen members of this incarnation of the New Warriors.

Grey Gargoyle is then blasted by one of his pursuers and knocked down. He turns to face one of his shadowed, female attackers but is struck by another blast of energy; then by strange dust. When Grey Gargoyle looks around again – he discovers that the woman is much larger than he is. He then realizes that she’s not larger – but that he’s been shrunk down. The woman’s name is Wondra – apparently a new hero on the block. She grabs Grey Gargoyle and says, “Tell them your friends; tell everyone. This is just the beginning.”

The next scene shifts to Sophia Mantega, formerly known as Wind Dancer, before the events of House of M removed her powers from her. She is seen flying and happy, when suddenly the sun changes to a face and she’s struck down by a bolt, her wings fall away, and she begins falling from the heavens. She gasps and wakes up on the subway, having only fading images of a nightmare that has come back time and time again to haunt her. She gets off the subway and makes her way through the streets passing posters of the Thunderbolts. She pauses at the poster of Iron Man stating “Register Now! It’s The Law!” She gives it a cold, callous look, before she keeps walking. As she passes a homeless man, he calls her over and explains that a man paid him a hundred dollars to give her a PDA. She takes the PDA, curious. A voice picks up into the PDA stating that they’re aware she’s lost her powers, and it’s great that she’s moved on but she lacks direction; direction they will provide for her.

The scene shifts to a number of police officers (Givens, Sykes and Granville) arriving to the scene in which a shrunk down Grey Gargoyle is taped to a light post. Sykes says that it’s time to contact S.H.I.E.L.D. once she sees the note that merely says “NW.” She then notices the graffiti on the floor – and it says “New Warriors.”

The scene changes to Sophia arriving at the diner she works at. Two men greet her warm heartedly after watching Tony Stark on television, speaking about apprehending super hero vigilantes. Tina, another waitress tells Sophia that her “boyfriend” Barry is sitting at a table, waiting for his order to be taken. Sophia heads over and talks – more like flirts – with Barry, before the scene comes to an end.

Sophia is then seen at home, where her computer broadcasts a message. She looks and realizes it has to be the same person behind the PDA fiasco. It says to meet with them tonight – and she informs them she has a date. They simply reply break it. And when she flips out, asking why she would give up the life she has now (since she has no super human powers) to fight “the good fight” – they simply respond, “Because you want to.” And right there, Sophia realizes, all along, she has wanted to.

The scene shifts to Anaconda being webbed to a pole. Givens states that it appears to be Spider-Man’s webbing, but Sykes doesn’t seem to think so. She thinks there’s something more to all of this.

The scene shifts again, and Barry meets Sophia – who is astonished he’s there, since she had told him she could not make the date. She realizes that Barry’s in on this whole PDA, computer chat thing and slaps him. Barry informs her that they have been friends longer than she realizes. He explains he was a mutant to, and had gone to the “X-School.” She says she doesn’t recognize him, and she knew everyone. Barry explains that he used to look different and that he’s none other than the mutant formerly known as Beak!

Barry convinces her to listen and to follow him. Barry activates a teleportation disk and takes her through.

A warm voice bids her welcome – and when she turns, she mutters, “But – you’re dead.”

And there before her stands none other than…

Night Thrasher.