Nova #26 (V6)

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Nova #26 (V6)

The issue begins with a ship floating in deep space, piloted by none other than Jesse Alexander, the father of Sam Alexander. Jesse explains to the other aliens aboard the ship, who had also recently escaped the Chitauri that they will all make it home soon.

The story focuses on Sam after that, about how he has not been Nova for quite some time. He thinks about how he’s actually enjoying school now, and that Carrie, whom he had an interest in, had recently broke up with her boyfriend – so now she and Sam were dating, and even Doctor Kettlewell explains that Sam finally seems to be concussion free. Still, he doesn’t done the Nova helmet, because the more concussions he suffers the worse he will get.

Meanwhile at the diner, Cletus shows up and grabs Sam’s mother. At the same time, Sam gets a call from Carrie who tells Sam to get to the diner as soon as possible. Sam puts on the Nova helmet and shows up, taking out Carnage and freeing his mother from Cletus’ grasp. Sam and Carnage fight through Carefree, Arizona. Nova tries to blast Carnage with a Nova Force blast; but nothing happens. Carnage mocks him about his performance issues; and then suddenly Nova blasts Carnage and says, “Oh, by the way, I went toe to toe with the Hulk.” The Carnage symbiote peels back and then lunges itself at Nova who blasts it one more time. The symbiote returns to Cletus, who takes the opportunity to escape just as police officers arrive.

At school, just as Sam arrives, Carnage is there to greet him!