Water Snake

Real Name: Faira Sar Namora
Aliases: None Known
Identity: No dual identity
Occupation: Atlantean Warrior
Citizenship: Atlantean
Place of Birth: Atlantis
Known Relatives: None Known
Group Affiliation: New Warriors
First Appearance: New Warriors (V5) #1
History: Little is known about Water Snake’s origin, other than the fact that she is one of a dozen clones of Namorita, created for the sole purpose of finding Namorita and bringing her back, after the events of Civil War. During her search for Namorita, she encountered Kaine Parker (Scarlet Spider) and María Aracely (Hummingbird) in Mexico, when the bodies of several people wash ashore. After a brief scuffle with Kaine Parker, Water Snake explains that she was looking for someone in Lemuria, when the city was suddenly attacked by Deviant forces. During the battle however, a new enemy appeared and began slaughtering without discretion.

The enemies that slaughtered both Atlantean and Deviant were none other than the Evolutionaries, who appeared just after she explained her story. Scarlet Spider, Hummingbird and Water Snake are defeated and captured by the Evolutionaries and brought before High Evolutionary who places them in prison spheres, in the same room as Nova. Water Snake tries desperately to break the sphere, while Hummingbird tells everyone to remain calm. Nova (Sam Alexander) repeatedly confuses Scarlet Spider for Spider-Man until Scarlet Spider uses his ability to summon spiders to short circuit the spheres. They free Nova and try to make their escape, but find themselves under attack. Scarlet Spider demands that Nova escape and that the others will buy him time; and just as it seems like Nova leaves to get help – he returns to try and turn the tide of battle, only to be taken down just like the others. As Water Snake falls, she utters the words, “I have failed you, Kymaera…”

Speedball, Justice, Sungirl and Haechi are teleported to their location by some of the members of Salem’s Seven, and the fight is renewed. Sun Girl manages to blast the constraints that hold Water Snake and the others. High Evolutionary begins the process, using a machine that will eradicate all beings who possess mutant powers, genetic alternations, and clones – so that only “pure humans” will remain, for the sole purpose and fear of the judgement of the Celestials. Sun Girl, seeing her fellow New Warriors in pain, blasts the machine and destroys it – forcing High Evolutionary and the Evolutionaries to teleport away.

Later, Justice tries to explain the fate of Namorita, but Watersnake says, “Our ancestors have sensed her. She is alive!” Watersnake storms off, and as she enters a room – for a brief moment, she sees all of the New Warriors, hanging upside down and bleeding, with pentagrams on the floor. Justice asks if she is alright, and the vision vanishes. Within Mount Wundagore, the new base of the New Warriors, Justice, Scarlet Spider and Watersnake find themselves fighting a mysterious assailant. It turns out to be a humanoid cat about to rip out Justice’s throat, until Scarlet Spider unleashes some webbing; then it goes after him, and it’s not until Watersnake breaks a water mane that she’s able to douse the humanoid feline. A humanoid canine appears, asking that the feline be spared and explains that they’re both a part of the New Men; simple creatures evolved by science. He goes on to explain his name is Caninus and the feline humanoid is Feliantus.

Adding to the mystery of Watersnake, she hears someone calling her name and turns to see a burning note, with illegible text on it. She picks up the note and looks at it, and a figure seemingly appears behind her; whose hands seem like the hands of Death. The discarded, ancient note that Watersnake had picked up in the previous issue, drifting down the hallway within Mount Wundagore. The page comes from an ancient text, of pure evil, when the world was still new. The pages comprised of a book that men called The Darkhold, and from the pages of said book, great evil was born. We see the page finally stop, and mist comes from the pages; and the feet of a mysterious figure can be seen.

The Canine humanoid, now going by the name of Jake Waffles, along with the humanoid feline, going by the name of Mr. Whiskers, asks the New Warriors where they’d like to go; and teleports Mount Wundagore to New York City, which immediately draws the attention – and ire – of the Avengers. While Captain America and Iron Man talk to Justice and Speedball, Thor is left watching Hummingbird, Sungirl, Watersnake, Scarlet Spider, Haechi as well as the two humanoid animals – Jake Waffles and Mr. Whiskers. Suffering from some form of hallucination, Watersnake mistakenly believes Thor is a demon and attacks him. Hummingbird uses her empathic powers to peek inside Watersnake’s mind and shares what she sees. The demon, realizing he has been made, attempts to possess Thor – but suddenly Hummingbird begins speaking a strange language and leaps to the air, blasting the demon with flames from her hands, incinerating the demon, who appears to have been a hand of the elder, evil being known as Chthon! Hummingbird comes to, with no relocation of chanting the words that destroyed the demon.

Watersnake and the rest of the New Warriors, soon find themselves at odds with the High Evolutionary again, as he still seeks to put an end to any human with genetic abnormalities (mutants, clones, magic, alternated DNA, etc). During the fight, the New Warriors try to destroy the Gene-Bomb (as it is called) – Mr. Whiskers jumps in front of a blast meant for Jake Waffles and is incinerated. The New Warriors are stunned by the loss of one of their own; and as if matters could not be made worse, the Eternals join the fight – against the New Warriors.

The Eternal known as Makkari, realizes Justice is the “leader” and grabs him and flies him out of the ship, slamming him into the mountain; assuming he’s been taken care of. However, a little while later, Justice returns, furious, wanting to put an end to the fight no matter what it takes. Zuras commands the Eternals to attack, but this time the New Warriors pull together as a team as Justice walks towards Zuras, never slowing down. Nova manages to take out Makkari, while Silhouette teleports Titanis through the Darkforce dimension; Speedball and Haechi blast the Delphan Brothers; Sun Girl blasts Phastos’ hammer before he can strike; and Scarlet Spider webs Ajak’s eyes. Justice gets in Zuras’ face and tells him that this fight is over. Zuras tries to punch Justice with all of his strength; but Justice’s telekentic shield holds up, much to everyone’s surprise (except Justice). Justice shouts that the Celestials are not coming, there is no need for the murder of thousands of people, and manages to hit Zuras in the face. Zuras returns the favor a moment later and seems about ready to put an end to Justice, when the other Eternals stand with the New Warriors and demand an explanation.

Zuras turns on High Evolutionary, blaming him for the madness and the idea that the Celestials were coming; claiming that High Evolutionary twisted his commands. High Evolutionary begins to protest Zuras’ claims, but is blasted by Zuras. The New Warriors find this “turn” entirely too convenient and don’t buy it as the complete truth. Justice warns Zuras, that if he and the Eternals ever try to interfere in this manner again, that they will find themselves in a war that they can’t hope to win.

It ends with Justice, explaining all of this to Captain America, as to what happened. Justice explains that they’re going to make sure this never happens again. And when Captain America asks how he plans to do that – Justice replies, “We’re going to expand.”

They also assist Watersnake in her quest to find Namorita, who she believes is alive. The New Warriors are seen standing together, eventually, and Namorita is among them.

Height: 5’4″
Weight: 205 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Blue

Powers: Water Snake possesses superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, and reflexes; she can lift up to 50 tons underwater, although prolonged surface activity can reduce her strength to 33% or lower. She can survive underwater indefinitely and has special vision adapted to undersea depths. Water Snakes’s vitality diminishes when out of water; renewed contact with water immediately restores her to peak strength.

Water Snake also possesses to ability to summon and control water spouts. She was also seen being able to summon her Atlantean spear from thin air.

Accessories: Proficient with Atlantean Weapons. She is specialized with the use of the Atlantean Spear that she’s able to summon forth.

NOTE: WaterSnake, according to Christopher Yost (the creator of the character) was intended to be one of a dozen clones; to go out and find Namorita and bring her back. The clone would then absorb the memories and personality of Namorita, and thus be destroyed; giving birth to Namorita. During one of the issues (New Warriors (V5) #5), Watersnake notes that the ancestors have sensed Namorita, and that she is alive. At the very end of the series, a blue skinned Namorita is seen standing with the team. It is unknown if one of the clones found Namorita, and resurrected her. Or if this is the time displaced Namorita, who happened to have undergone her own blue transformation as the original Namorita had done, and that perhaps it is the time displaced Namorita that the ancestors detected as being alive. This is the most logical (and easiest!) explanation. But this story was never told/explained.