Nova #15 (V2)

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Nova #15 (V2)

The issue begins with the destruction of a planet. Two Nova Corps struggle to continue on, the one named Torthar severely wounded. Torthar begs the other Nova Corp to just go on without him; but he refuses. An alien, baring a striking resemblance to Zorr appears, claiming to be Kraa, brethren to the deadly Zorr. And with morbid words of visiting one another again in the afterlife, Kraa kills the two Nova Corps.

The scene switches to Xandar, where Adora and Garthan Saal watching the screen as Kraa swears that he will get revenge. Adora mentions she has sent another group of Nova Corps to try and stop Kraa; and tells Garthan Saal that she needs two people to go to Earth and retrieve Rich Rider, the Man called Nova, by any means possible.

The scene changes to Robbie Rider’s room, where Rich’s parents explain that whatever happened; happened so quickly that by the time they heard the commotion and got upstairs; Robbie was already gone.

Nova notices Robbie’s notes, and realizes that his brother was trying to piece together the meaning, cause, and perhaps the “cure” to the Deathstorm. He also notices that there appears to be signs of a resistance and knows that it couldn’t have been Robbie. Taking off as the police arrive, Nova finds Nova 0:0. Nova 0:0 explains that he tried to stop the Aarkons from taking Robbie. He had managed to get away with Robbie and dropped him off at a subway and turned around and engaged the Aarkons. The Aarkons had defeated him; but he had done what he wanted, and bought time for Robbie. Nova 0:0 then tells Rich to watch out for his family; to watch for his Earth. Nova looks away for a moment, pondering the Deathstorm, and when he looks back Nova 0:0 is gone.

Suddenly Namorita arrives, and Nova notes that her skin is pink once again, rather than blue. It turns out to be a Skrull who works for the Nova Corps, working for Adora. The Skrull uses a powder and renders Nova unconscious. Nova’s dreams are influenced by Adora as she mentally speaks to him, telling him all about Kraa.

Another scene shift and we see Maxoff pondering the bomb aboard the Ram’s Head; which very well may lead to the world’s demise.

Aboard the very ship, unaware that Maxoff had survived, Thera and Planner realize that perhaps they are now in way over their head and could certainly use Nova’s help.

The scene shifts again, and Nova’s fellow Nova Corps arrive at a devastating scene, where their ship had been sundered and torn. They find one survivor, by the name of Tas’wzta, the D’Bari – and he explains that most of the others are dead. Some escaped to a neighboring planet in hopes of ambushing Kraa.

Nova regains conscious and apologizes for what’s happening, but explains that he can have no part of this; as his own planet is in great peril. Tas’wzta explains that all the words are in peril so long as Kraa walks. Just then a blast rocks the ship, and it’s none other than Kraa. Nova, Muraitiak, and Grot prepare a weapon and fire back at Kraa’s ship. They manage to cripple Kraa’s ship, and by appearance, it would seem only Nova and Grot remain alive.