Nova #15 (V6)

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Nova #15 (V6)

The issue begins with Nova carrying Cosmo, who has been poisoned and bringing him into an infirmary. As he lays down Cosmo, he concentrates on trying to heal Cosmo and pushing the poison out; one of the alien medics notes that the poison has been identified. Once the poison is removed, Cosmo notes that Skaarn is after the Continuum Cortex Transfer. Elsewhere, Skaarn stands in front of the teleporter and explains his true goal is a heavily defended vault orbiting a quasar, and due to its location and gravity complexity – the door way to access it is only ever couple of years, and even then only for a very brief time. Among Skaarn’s men are threww disavowed Space Knight from Galadoria known as Bakin, Nujin and Klax. Just after Skaarn leaves, to be back in eight hours, Nova shows up.

He engages in battle with the three former Space Knights – taking out Nujin first. Bakin ignites his hand and blasts Nova, with so much intensity that Nova actually feels the heat. Nova tackles him through a wall, and finds his mind under attack from Klax who compresses Sam’s mind and distorts reality. Sam, in a blind panic, fuses the metallic legs of Bakin and Klax together. When Sam asks why they’re working for Skaarn, Klax explains because of the money. Sam knocks them out, then is hit by Nujin, who sends Sam flying through a wall. Sam is just recovering when Nujin appears, bringing his sword just inches from Sam’s neck, when Cosmo mentally seizes control of Nujin and forces him to stop.

Nova teleports them away using the Continuum Cortex Transfer. When Sam asks Cosmo where he teleported them to, Cosmo explains, “Where ever it was set to, last.”

Elsewhere, in Asgard, the realm of J├Âtunheim – land of Frost Giants, a fallen frost giant, lays at Beta Ray Bill’s feet when suddenly the three Space Knights appear and charge Beta Ray Bill, who immediately knows that Sam had accidentally teleported them to him.

Sam teleports Beta Ray Bill back to Nowhere – and together, they teleport to stop Skaarn – only to find he has already acquired the weapons he has sought!