Nova #7 (V3)

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Nova #7 (V3)

The issue begins with Red Raven leading an assault on the prison in which Condor is kept. Nova arrives and is surprised, since last he knew Red Raven was dead! Red Raven explains that his death was nothing but a hoax, and now Condor had to pay!

Nova tries to explain to Red Raven that the Avian Race should use their wisdom and intelligence and their advanced technology to help solve problems in the world, not use them as a form. Bi-Beast shows up and threatens to smash Nova, but Red Raven assures him that it won’t be necessary.

Red Raven gives it some thought, and calls off the attack.

Nova flies back to work and makes it on time, where Bernie and Roger are watching the news about how the Baseball Committee has ruled that no super heroes can play baseball, because the villain The Kangaroo (Billy Bob Jenkins) was a using his powers unfairly during the game. Roger’s distraught since if Rich is booted from the team, he will be also. Rich explains that he has to quit before any testing is done, because his Nova identity can’t be made public.

The scene shifts to Rich on the date with Jennifer; and he discovers he has nothing to say to her. After the date, he flies to Ginger’s house to check on her. Ginger informs him that she’s sold the house, and still very broke; and that she’s decided to keep the baby and put it up for adoption.

The scene shifts to Nova landing at the New Warriors Crashpad, where Aegis, Speedball, Bolt, Turbo and Namorita are waiting. Speedball informs Nova that he heard that Marvel Comics was going to make a comic based on him. Switching from his “New Warriors” Nova Outfit (which he did to keep his identity separate, wanting to make it into the big leagues and feeling the New Warriors were a step backwards), he switches back to his classic Nova outfit and takes to the air.

Nova arrives at the Marvel Offices where he meets with the people who will be basing a comic on him. They take Nova out to lunch to discuss with him the normal events of the “life of Nova” and who his “rogue gallery” might be. As Nova is rattling off some villains he’s run into, Venom smashes through the window.

Nova’s puzzled as to why Venom would be going after him, but he grabs Venom and takes the fight outside. Venom explains that a building dropped on his sister while Nova was fighting and he wants to make Nova pay. Nova tries to explain it had been an accident and that he had saved the world many times over, but Venom doesn’t listen. Nova grabs Venom and takes him into the air and drops him into the ocean, next to a small, uninhabited island.

The scene cuts back to the Marvel Office where the folks who would do the Nova series plead to have the comic go through. The Editor agrees to do seven issues, tops – and tells Nova if he can get that guy who is impersonating him from the New Warriors, he would love to do a series on him.

The scene shifts to Rich relaxing with Bernie and Roger. Rich explains how his life has turned around, and how things are, surprisingly, going well for him. He also explains that his parents have agreed to let Ginger and her baby live in Rich’s old room, to help her out.

The scene shifts and we see the Reanimator, who promises to strike back and Nova one day. One day soon.