Nova #20 (V5)

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Nova #20 (V5)

The issue opens up with a young version of the New Warriors fighting several Terminus robots. It turns out to be Richard Rider watching a video, when Vance (Justice) and Angelica (Firestar) join him, bringing beer and pizza respectively.

After toasting and speaking of how well Richard has done as Nova, after splitting up from the New Warriors, Rich asks them if they ever considered him a good team player. Rich goes on to explain that he’s worried about the Nova Corps that Worldmind has brought together, explaining that WorldMind used him while he was asleep to slowly rebuild the Nova Corps, and used Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S.’ main systems to finish off building the Nova Corps – which included Robbie Rider, Richard’s own brother.

Richard than explains that he had confronted Robbie about being a Nova Corp, and Robbie had retorted that Richard was just jealous and now he wasn’t the only super hero in the family, so he wasn’t special; and now that Robbie was an adult, this is something he has always wanted and there was nothing Richard could do about it.

Elsewhere, Malik Tarcel, Irani Rael, Qubit, Fraktur, and Morrow attempt to deal with Dragon Man without much success until Robbie Rider arrives and gives them calculations on how to lock down their gravimetric nets to successfully capture Dragon Man, which they do.

After talking with Vance and Angelica, Nova takes to the skies and is completely surprises to see Ego The Living Planet, within the Earth’s atmosphere – more so surprised that at the top of Ego the Living Planet’s head is none other than the Nova Corps symbol!