Nova #23 (V5)

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Nova #23 (V5)

The issue begins with Richard sitting in Robbie’s room at Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. with Quasar present. Richard looks through the amount of Nova related things – from figures, comics, magazines, posters, and even fan websites – Nova Prime mainly! (As a side note, the Nova Prime is a real webpage and can be found at: Nova Prime Page and is mentioned in this issue, and even seen in several of the panels on the computer in Robbie’s room! Congratulations to Doug, author of the Nova Prime Page!) As Richard is talking to Wendell, Quasar suddenly looks about and asks, “Did you feel that?” and in the blink of an eye is gone!

Within Nu-Xandar, orbiting Earth, Worldmind keeps the Centurions up to date regarding the Kree/Shi’ar War that has officially broken out (you can read about this in “War of the Kings”). Worldmind uses Ego the Living Planet to open a Star Gate and jump through it, leaving Earth’s orbit at last.

Richard arrives at Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. only to find the place surrounded by agents of H.A.M.M.E.R. which is the new version of S.H.I.E.L.D., run by none other than Norman Osborn. They refuse to let Richard in, but just then Doctor Necker exits the building and leaves with Richard.

Elsewhere, as Ego moves through the Star Gate, Worldmind announces that Centurion Malik Tarcel has been selected as the new Nova Prime. Meanwhile, Robbie learns that he will be a part of the System Operations teams which is strategic specialty. Robbie expresses his displeasure with this, as he had hoped to be in the front lines of battle like Richard has always been.

The scene shifts to Doctor Necker and Richard in the car, where Richard confesses that he’s extremely worried about what Robbie and the Nova Corps could be heading into with the intergalactic war. Doctor Necker pulls into a drive in movie theater, then presses a button which lowers her car to a sub-basement beneath the drive in theater. Inside, Richard sees A.I.M. suits and realizes that Doctor Necker has also worked – or currently works with – A.I.M., whom he feels is a terrorist organization. She tries to explain it but Richard will have none of it and excuses himself, turning away any help she may have had to offer.

She chases him outside and hands him a case which has the Quantum Flask. He thanks her with a kiss, and learns her first name is Eve. He then turns and throws the Quantum Flask down and shatters it with explosive results. Quasar emerges from the Quantum Flask once more rambling about how he got “them” back – and explains that Phyla Mar-Vell was dead, but not really, this is why he disappeared, because “it” had summoned him back. He then reveals the Quantum Bands and offers them to Richard Rider.

He puts them on – and in a bright flash of light – he suddenly has the same costume all of the Quasar’s have worn in the past!