Speedball #4 (V1)

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Speedball #4 (V1)

The issue begins with David and some friends tackling Robbie against a wall; lucky for Robbie, the wall actually gives way, and allows him to slip behind everyone – more importantly, a skull with a bullet hole in it, along with some other bones, comes tumbling out from the wall.

Local authorities are called in and news of the “murder” spreads like wildfire. The victim is identified and believed to be Alex Bow; who has a tie with Robbie’s parents. Robbie’s mother had dated Alex before getting married, and Justin had a jealous streak against Alex; yet both of them seem to hold deeper secrets about Alex Bow.

The Mayor of Springdale orders the Police Commissioner to get every available officer on the case to solve it as quickly as possible. People begin to question the possible motives that Robbie’s parents may have had; most of them centering around jealousy and career advancements.

At Justin’s office, his boss suggests that he takes a vacation; while at Madeline’s job, many people give her the brush off, as if she were contaminated with the plague.

An unseen figure is seen being worried about being exposed because of this fiasco! A mystery person indeed…

Robbie takes a walk in the park and heads for a cave he apparently found a few weeks back, just to get away and think. When Robbie returns home his father embraces him and his wife and explains that they can’t let the pressure from outside shatter their lives inside. Moments later the police arrive to question Robbie’s parents off the record, and take them down to the station.

Speedball activates his powers and figures he might do some good poking around the school, to see if he can find out any information. He spies some local authorities who claim that they have found nothing else. Speedball keeps looking around and sees someone in a costume of some kind, breaking into the school. Speedball gives chase, but the figure throws Speedball over the staircase and makes his get away.

Robbie’s parents exit the police station, both of them thinking about the secrets they hold regarding Alex. The following day at breakfast, Robbie’s parents apologize to one another; and nearly share the secret they’re holding in their hearts. At school Robbie’s friends decide they have been too hard on him and that they should apologize; but when they approach Robbie to apologize, he explodes on them – yelling, and then storming off.

The scene shifts to Robbie at the school – where once again he encounters the costumed cat burglar from the night before. However, the cat burglar gets the drop on Speedball and wraps the rope around his neck, choking the air from him. The cleaning crew spots the burglar, and panics, believing it’s the ghost of Alex Bow. When the cat burglar kicks Speedball, it gives him the chance to “bounce back.”

Speedball manages to tangle the cat burglar in his own ropes and leaves him there for the local authorities. The local authorities arrest the cat burglar – deemed “The Ghost of Springdale High” – who happens to be Fred Caskey – and also recover documents in a strongbox about kickbacks and massive fraud, Otto Chase. Elsewhere, a figure in the window peers out into the night, thinking about how – for now – he is safe.