Night Thrasher #5 (V2)

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Night Thrasher #5 (V2)

The issue begins with Dwayne Taylor, Andrew Chord, Walter Rosen (of Genetech), Father Michael Janes (Catholic Priest of the Church of the Apostle), Gai No Don (Chief Executive Officer of the Taylor Foundation and Madripoor crime lord), and Amelia Barnhardt (Sprocket) all in the Taylor Foundation plane discussing the plans of the Bosnia airstrips when Sprocket calls Dwayne to the front, informing him that something is appearing on the radar and heading right for them.

The trouble happens to be the team known as Air Force, consisting of Cardinal, Tanager, Oriole and Sparrow. Flying beneath Taylor’s Lear jet – they rip its underbelly open and gain entrance into the ship. Sprocket immediately recognizes Cardinal and begins gunning him down – all the while cursing the time that they had spent together and how he had left her in Rhodesia. However, Cardinal’s armor protects him from being wounded. It’s Oriole who hits Sprocket with one of his grapples, pinning her to the wall.

When Chord mouths off to Cardinal, he punches him, rendering Chord unconscious. Sparrow and Tanager continue to check the plane and find the cockpit empty. When Air Force does a body count – they realize that Dwayne Taylor is not accounted for.

The scene shifts to Silhouette Chord lying on the floor reading when suddenly someone enters her room. Quickly grabbing her brace she leaps into the shadows (her clothes being left behind, as a side effect of her powers) – and she attempts to attack the stranger who has entered her room – who is none other than Bandit. Bandit stops her from attacking and explains that he has no intention to fight her – only to meet her and see her (though seeing more of her than he had expected) – to confirm that Dwayne was the idiot he believed him to be for letting someone as beautiful as Silhouette Chord slip through his fingers.

The scene shifts again to inside the Lear Jet where Dwayne is in the upper cargo area and Tanager appears. Dwayne and Tanager fight briefly before he finally manages to take her out with a solid kick. The next one Dwayne takes down is Oriole who wanders into the storage area of the Lear Jet. Dwayne takes Tanager’s mask to use it to override the wing control of Air Force’s various armor pieces. When Sparrow comes after Dwayne, he uses the helmet to activate Sparrow’s wings – lodging them into the plane’s hallway, leaving Sparrow helpless. Dwayne next makes Cardinal’s armor lock up effectively rendering him useless. Dwayne commands the Lear Jet to make an emergency landing at the Canary Islands so that those who need it can get medical attention.

Dwayne then offers Cardinal one chance to set things right. When Tanager had attacked Dwayne in the Lear Jet she had damaged an Early Detection Scanner that was going to be delivered to the troops in Sarajevo to help detect and identify hostile aircraft. Since Tanager had destroyed it; Dwayne offered Air Force to do the right thing by taking the scanner’s place. When Cardinal mouthed off about wondering why he would ever agree to something like that; Dwayne explained that he would not put Air Force back in jail, because someone would spring them out. But instead, he would let Air Force fly free – but reminded them that he still had Tanager’s helmet and thus control over their wings. Cardinal then questioned Dwayne what the weather was like in Sarajevo.