New Warriors #3 (V2)

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New Warriors #3 (Volume 2)

The issue opens up with Donna’s mother knocking on the door, saying she has the laundry ready; forcing Chris to quickly escape out of Donna’s window to prevent getting Donna in trouble. Chris briefly ponders if such heroes as Spider Man have had to do the same thing during his career as a hero.

The scene shifts to several boys in the B2D (Born to Die) gang driving slowly by a rival gang’s establishment. Drawing their weapons, they open fire on the rival gang member, who serves as a lookout, with no regard for any lives that may be innocent. As a result, a young boy named Terry, who happens to be walking by, dribbling his basketball is caught in the cross fire and explosion, ending his innocent life all too early.

At Greenwood Cemetery, Aegis swears to Lester that his brother’s death shall be avenged, and that he knows just the people that will help him set things right.

The scene shifts with the arrival of Turbo at the office of the arson investigator, Dalton Beck, who is actually Firestrike. Dalton informs her that he is investigating the fire at the warehouse that she had helped put out. And before long, he asks her to join him for a cup of coffee, which she wholeheartedly agrees to.

Another scene shift, another chance for two people to come together. Namorita and Human Torch, of the Fantastic Four nearly slam into one another in the sky. Landing on the ground, they talk while photographers take their picture. Namorita and Human Torch agree to continue the conversation in a more private place – later that night.

Human Torch ventures to the Crashpad and speaks with Turbo about the warehouse fire, letting her know that he isn’t responsible – as some of the media has been stating – but it definitely looked to be super human in nature. As Human Torch leaves, Aegis comes in frantically looking for the Warriors.

The Warriors go to the opposing gang, The Lobos, to speak with their gang leader. Aegis explains that he understands that some of their gang had been killed by the Born to Die gang; but explains if they retaliate, then Born to Die will also retaliate; and the cycle will never break. The leader seems to be giving it some thought, when James, whom Aegis knows, says that it’s nonsense and proceeds to open fire on the Warriors.

It’s only a matter of time before chaos breaks out within the pool hall, with the Warriors fighting the gang members, and trying to restrain them from using some unusually powerful and explosive guns.

The scene shifts to Atlantis, where Namor and Ashur discuss Namorita’s condition. Ashur explains that Namorita’s body is still mutating, and that when Vyrra had cloned Namora, and placed the fetus within Namora’s womb so that Namora, a pink half-breed like Namor himself; suffered certain abnormalities when she reached puberty. Vyrra knew this and spliced Namorita’s DNA Helix and encoded it with the DNA of ancient Atlantean Warriors; which is why she had briefly appeared to be one. He also points out that Namorita’s ongoing mutation has altered her powers; giving her the ability to secret a powerful acid like substance from her hands; as well as being able to camouflage herself; both voluntarily and involuntarily, protecting her should she fall unconscious. They also learn that she’s capable of secreting a paralyzing toxin as well. Namor announces that Kymaera, a name that Namorita had adopted while “blue toned” was no more – and he introduced her as Princess Namorita.

A scene back to the pool hall shows a wall collapsing and Aegis is forced to choose between James, the cause of the collapse, or his team mate, Bolt. It takes little time for Aegis to choose as he decides to save James; leaving Bolt to try and fend for himself as the ceiling collapsed on him. Nova quickly breaks away from the fight he’s involved in and checks on Bolt’s status. When the cops arrive at the scene, James knows that the gang has to make their getaway so he throws a grenade. Nova catches it and takes to the sky so it explodes in the air.

The scene shifts again to Namor and Namorita, as she asks Namor to help fund the New Warriors, despite his protest of funding any form of surface dweller or surface dwelling organization.

Back at the Crashpad, Aegis and Nova begin physically fighting with one another, as Bolt tries to rationalize that James was closer, and the more logical choice. Before Aegis can answer, he sees from the window, that the gang has come after them. Aegis shouts for everyone to get down, just as they fire.

The Crashpad explodes into fiery chaos.