Nova #2 (V1)

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Nova #2 (V1)

The issue begins with several men robbing a bank; but find their attempt cut short when Nova appears and puts an end to it. He easily dodges their bullets and moves with blinding speed while mowing over the would be robbers, until the local police arrive. Nova excuses himself and takes off.

Unbeknown to Nova he is observed by a man known as the Condor. Condor waits until Nova is gone and then makes his way back to “The Condor’s Roost” where his colleague, Powerhouse is also waiting.

In the meantime Nova flies into his bedroom window and quickly changes just before his brother, Robert enters. Rich watches him mother leave to work as his brother takes him to the basement where he has converted a boiler into a weather controlling machine. However, the machine is not yet functional.

Condor arrives at the Condor’s Roost to find that Powerhouse is missing. Condor searches for him and finds him and knocks him off the cliff – saving him seconds before impact on the jagged stone. Condor explains that Powerhouse had best not defy an order ever again. Condor recalls how he saved Powerhouse – the sole survivor of a ship that has been stuck in the Atlantic. Powerhouse thinks about how the headaches he’s experiencing seem to be coming to him with more frequency.

Condor flies by Rich Rider’s school – so Rich runs off to don the Nova outfit and immediately flies after the Condor. Condor manages to easily out class Nova when it comes to flying. When Nova crashes into the building – Condor signals Powerhouse to jump into the action. Powerhouse lands several solid punches on Nova and manages to grapples with Nova, slowly draining his strength and powers away. Nova breaks free and flees.

While Rich contemplates his first loss a fire breaks out in the house in the basement when Robert’s experiment goes wrong. Rich manages to help put out the fire. His brother explains how it works; so that when Nova goes out and encounters Condor and Powerhouse again; Condor actually flees leaving Powerhouse and Nova to fight. When Nova breaks free of Powerhouse’s grasp – he manages to knock out Powerhouse the same method he had put out the fire.