Nova #21 (V1)

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Nova #21 (V1)

The scene opens with Rich’s younger brother and his robotic Sherlock Holmes accusing Nova of killing their father. Nova confirms that he is not dead. Nova then excuses himself to get to the bottom of who is behind the “Inner Circle” and comes face to face with his old foe – The Corruptor!

Corruptor explains that soon his influence will spread all over the United States and that when his powers returned to him; with it, came his ability to control it. Nova attempts to stop him but Corruptor easily escapes. Nova turns to the Corruptors goons and takes them out instead. Nova returns and takes his younger brother and father to the hospital then returns to the man he had met earlier, named Shuffles. Shuffles mentions he won’t cross the Corruptor again but notes that Nova should catch a movie like “Zombies on Broadway.” Nova figures out that it’s a clue – and flies out to the ocean and grabs the net off of a Russian Fishing Liner and uses that to capture the “zombified” minions of the Corruptor.

The scene shifts where we see a heavily disguised Mike Burley walking around contemplating the things in his life that lead him to where he was. His thoughts are interrupted when he sees a man in the alleyway claiming to be someone named “Comet.” Mike decides the man needs medical attention and begins to help the man onto his feet to get him to the nearest hospital.

Also at the hospital, Rich arrives and visits his father. In there, his mother and younger brother are sitting patiently. Rich reveals that Nova’s interference in their lives has no been just coincidence – he removes his shirt to reveal the Nova costume beneath. In another wing of the hospital, Mike Burley drops off the man whom he had picked up in the alleyway. The doctors begin to do an X-Ray when suddenly the man’s body begins to light up!