Darkhawk Annual #2 (V1)

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The issue begins in a hotel room, where Chris is awaken by knocking on the door, from someone else named Ed. Ed explains that there’s a woman on the phone who wants to talk to him. Chris goes out into the hall and answers the phone, and discovers that Allegra is on the phone. When she asks what he’s doing in a hotel, Chris explains that their house had burned down. Allegra proceeds to ask Chris for his help, and that she trusts no one else. She sends for a car to pick up Chris, but Chris’ mother asks him where he’s going and he lies and says that Headset is in trouble and needs Chris’ help. Grace doesn’t believe him and thinks about how she needs to sit down with Chris and have a long talk about his behavior of late.

Somewhere in the upper east side of Manhattan, Alex Tennyson unleashes a magical amulet that he uses to control – The Dreamkiller. The Dreamkiller slips into the night and goes after Mr. Blenholt to extract his revenge. However, before he can complete his revenge, Victor’s son Adam walks into the room. The Dreamkiller releases Mr. Blenholt and slips away into the night once more. The scene shifts to Chris at Allegra’s house, where she explains that one of the objects of power that controlled the Dreamkiller, was stolen from her father’s grave (see Darkhawk #22), and that someone claims to have it. She then moves forward and explains she was also looking for a reason for the two of them to be alone, and proceeds to kiss Chris; but around that time, the news shows Dreamkiller attacking police and Chris rapidly excuses himself. Chris changes into Darkhawk and shows up at the scene to find several of the police officers already dead; he attacks Dreamkiller, but Dreamkiller easily beats Darkhawk around, then quickly slips away before Darkhawk can do anything.

Alex Tenison then mulls over his origin that led him to getting a hold of the amulet that controls Dreamkiller. He recalls his obsession while working at a small Occult Store; and how his obsession had begun to consume him, for his need to know more about the Occult, and people like Doctor Strange, Baron Mordo…. He came home one night and took his rage out on his wife, Elaine. Adam, his son – the very child who inadvertently saved Victor’s life, by coming into the room while Dreamkiller was there – asked his father, his true father – Alex – to stop beating his mother. Alex had stormed out of the house and left his son, Adam, and his wife, Elaine. When Philippe Bazin apparently died, Alex thought about being able to get his hands on some of the artifacts that he knew Philippe Bazin had collected over the years. One such person had managed to steal an artifact from Philippe’s grave and turned into a two headed demon, that was finally defeated by Ghost Rider and Darkhawk together. The amulet had been lost after the battle and recovered by someone. During this time, Elaine took Adam and left, going to Mexico, where she filed and completed her divorce from Alex. It was there she met Mr. Blenholt, and eventually married him. (Interestingly enough, while Dreamkiller referred to him as “Victor Blenholt” – during Alex’s recap of the origin, he refers to him as “Craig Blenholt.” So for future reference, he will be referred to simply as “Mr. Blenholt”). Alex goes on to say that he put up posters, claiming a reward if the amulet was returned. Alex finally got a call from someone named Chester (he had been seen recovering the item in Darkhawk #22). Alex offered three thousands dollars, every penny he had; but Chester said it wasn’t enough. Alex snatched the amulet from Chester’s hand and used it to slit his throat. Alex used his knowledge of the Occult, along with his knowledge of energy manipulation to create something new from the amulet; rather than become the grotesque two headed monster, Alex had somehow managed to create the Dreamkiller; a creature that emerged from the amulet, from his mind, his to control. He had tried to contact his son, to tell him that he would be able to protect him forever now, but Mr. Blenholt told Alex to never call again; and that neither his son, nor his ex-wife ever wanted to speak with him.

Chris returns to Allegra, where she tells him that the guy called again, but this time she heard someone in the background mentioning “mushrooms.” Chris leaves again, recalling an Occult store called “Mushrooms” which Tombstone once trashed looking for Darkhawk (in Darkhawk #10). Chris waits across the street, and when he sees Alex, he changes into Darkhawk and confronts him. However, Alex is ready and unleashes the Dreamkiller who proceeds to begin beating Darkhawk. Darkhawk manages to spot Alex, and goes after him instead of Dreamkiller, noticing that Alex is holding the amulet that controls the Dreamkiller. Darkhawk captures Alex, and threatens to crack his head open, which stops Dreamkiller. However, the police that arrive to the calls for help from the people, recognize Dreamkiller and try to put him down, which buys Dreamkiller the time he needs to sweep down and rescue Alex and escape with him.

“Ocsh, The Darkhawk Ship”

Is a short story of Ocsh dealing with the influence of Evilhawk.

“Taking A Stand”

Is a short story of Chris, Jason, and Jon dealing with bullies at a game.

“Savage is the Night”

Is a short story of Jimmy Zafar taking back the Savage Steel armor to use it what it was meant for; to subdue villains, not kill them as the Cabal had planned.