Darkhawk #29 (V1)

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The issue begins with Zarrko and Servitor observing the New Warriors and Darkhawk, scattered throughout various time periods. Darkhawk realizes that they are undoubtedly being watched by Zarrko. Darkhawk tries to bluff Zarrko, claiming that he placed a bomb on Zarrko’s ship that he will ignite if he and the rest of the Warriors are not brought back. Zarrko pays no attention to Darkhawk’s hollow threats.

The scene shifts and we see Grace, with John and Jason, coming off of a bus. John jokes that it felt like they were on buses all day. Grace, once again, thinks about how Chris has not been there to help her with his brothers, when she needs him most, and begins to cry again; which only fuels Jason’s anger towards Chris even more.

Another scene shift and we see Allegra fresh from working out, when she gets a call from a mysterious caller demanding to know about her father’s artifact collection. She tells the guy to get lost, and hangs up. Her brother, Broderick watches from the shadows, furious that she calls information to get a hold of the Powell family for help. (The mysterious caller can be seen later in the Darkhawk Annual #2).

The scene shifts back to Darkhawk who suddenly finds himself teleported back onto Zarrko’s ship. He manages to break free of Servitor’s hold and grabs Zarrko. Darkhawk demands that Zarrko bring the Warriors back. When Servitor attacks, Darkhawk rips him in half with a blast and once again grabs Zarrko, demanding that the Warriors are returned. Darkhawk gets Zarrko to honor the deal, of allowing the Warriors back in time to fix their most regretted thing, but Darkhawk remains behind to ensure Zarrko doesn’t do anything to mess it up. Each of the Warriors is sent back in time; Speedball, just before his parents divorce; Nova back on Xandar; Night Thrasher, just before his father is killed by Chord; Silhouette, just before Tai kills Silhouette’s mother; Namorita, just before she’s forced to kill someone in the war; and Firestar, just before Vance unleashes his powers on his father after being severely beaten by him.

Back on Zarrko’s ship, Zarrko keeps Darkhawk distracted while Servitor pulls himself back up and grabs Darkhawk by the neck and begins beating on him. Darkhawk breaks free and slams Zarrko into his machine, teleporting all the New Warriors back, but then thrusting Darkhawk into the past once more. Darkhawk’s gliders are destroyed in the explosion as he finds himself falling toward an island; in an attempt to preserve his own life, he suddenly discovers that he’s able to fly on his own without the use of the gliders. He lands on the island and sees himself laying in the water, and realizes he has arrived about ten minutes too late to save his father from being shot by Bazin.

However, much to Darkhawk’s surprise, he sees several medical people arrive on the scene and claim that both Mike Powell and Philippe Bazin are alive – if only barely. They rush them onto a helicopter to get them the medical attention they need, unsure if either of them will survive. Darkhawk tries to stop them to see where they are taking his father, when he’s suddenly teleported back to Zarrko’s ship, the Warriors having believed that Zarrko sent him back in time to get rid of Darkhawk.

They defuse Zarrko’s time bomb and are sent back to Earth, where Chris runs to meet with his family, swearing that they will be his first priority from now on.