New Warriors #5 (V2)

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New Warriors #5 (Volume 2)

The issue opens up with Turbo flying a ship that Nova acquired from the spaceship Nova has in orbit, with Bolt and Nova inside of it. They nearly collide into a building due to Turbo carrying on about how great Dalton is. Nova commands her to land the ship before she gets them all killed.

The scene shifts to the New York prison where Harley Traynor writes a letter to his son, Fletcher apologizing and explaining what he has done with his life, hoping that his son can find it in his own heart to forgive him. He completes the letter and seals it, only to have a Prison Guard comes in delivering a “special message from Silverman” and in an instant, Harley Traynor will never speak in court.

Back at the Crashpad, as Nova exits the flying ship, he sees Aegis, and immediately begins yelling at him. Aegis automatically snaps back that though he is supposedly a Warrior, he has not heard from them in over a week. It’s Bolt who breaks up the fight between the two of them.

A small scene shift brings us to Jubilee and Everett Thomas of Generation X enjoying a friendly game of snowball fighting. They over hear three kids talking about Fletcher Traynor’s journal being found, and how he wants to kill the New Warriors, since he blames them for his father’s death.

The scene switches to Fletcher Traynor who is inside one of his father’s warehouses sorting through the weapons. He finds a biological weapon and pulls it out, examining the weapon. He tries to adjust the weapon and cracks the container, spilling the biochemical substance all over his body.

Somewhere else, a man by the name of “Steel Dragon” is bound as Junzo Muto tells Steel Dragon that he will be absorbing his Chi Power, leaving Mr. Davos without the power; without his life.

Another quick cut brings us back to Generation X all suited up. We have Jubilee, Synch, Skin, Chamber and Husk, along with school-masters, Emma Frost and Sean Cassidy, better known as White Queen and Banshee.

A scene to Brooklyn answers the question that Generation X had asked about how dangerous he could be. Now one large mass of green toxicity, Fletcher Traynor adopts the name Biohazard. When the New Warriors attack, Nova’s direct approach proves worthless, since Biohazard feels no sense of pain. Turbo’s dissipating winds prove to be fruitless as well. Bolt tries to electrify Biohazard, but that too, proves to be in vain. When everything else seems to fail, Namorita tries her acidic touch; which effects Biohazard, causing him pain. When Namorita questions why Biohazard has an issue with the Warriors; he tells them that because of the Warriors, his father, Harley Traynor is dead. Namorita tells him that they did not know; and Biohazard halts his attack, unsure what to do, since he was certain that it was the Warriors who had help set up the assassination of his father.

Generation X suddenly shows up telling the Warriors to back off and that they will take down Biohazard, since the Warriors are clearly incapable of such a feat. When Generation X moves forward, it’s Turbo who uses her suit to disrupt Generation X. Turbo tells them that they have everything under control; and before Banshee can stop her, Jubilee attacks Aegis. And then the typical hero versus hero fight breaks out.

Aegis uses his power to deflect Biohazard’s power while Husk solidifies herself to concrete and sneaks up behind him, striking him from the back, just as he pauses, believing Aegis that they are not there to hurt him. The Warriors, still not trusting Generation X because of the history they shared with White Queen. They tell her they have the situation handled but find themselves in a dilemma. If they turn Biohazard over to the local authorities, someone could kill him the way his father was killed. Namorita points out that she knows people at Project: Pegasus who could help in this situation.

Later, on Christmas, Namorita enters the Firehouse, dressed beautifully where she finds Bolt sleeping on the ground. When she questions why he is sleeping on their floor, he explains that he was too embarrassed to admit it, but he had been homeless since moving out to New York City to become a hero. Namorita tells him that it’s foolish, and that she has a spare bedroom at her place he could stay at; the way Justice stayed there until he moved into Avengers Mansion.