Darkhawk #19 (V1)

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The issue begins with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants discussing how they need to take down Darkhawk. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (consisting of: Toad, Pyro, Blob, Sauron and Phantazia) know that Darkhawk has great power, and they intend to have it for themselves.

At the same time, at Crestmore Research, Dr. Lutwin and several others are checking out the equipment that had been gathered and stored at the Vault, a superhuman prison, that had formerly belonged to Charles Little Sky, better known as Portal. As they examine the equipment, a shimmering light appears, and Charles Little Sky drives through it on a bike! Charles throws some capsules of gas that knock the scientists out as he gathers his equipment. However, just as he does, he finds himself attacked by the Guardsmen who reveal that they had hoped he would come back for the armor so that they could finally capture him again. They force Charles Little Sky to take the defensive, and when the Guardsmen, Jerry, hits Charles from the back, knocking him out of the building, Charles ponders leaving without the armor; but knows he can’t. Unbeknownst to anyone else, a helicopter full of news cast members is watching it all unfold during a routine traffic update.

The updates happen to go to the same radio station that Chris Powell works for. And Chris, who had been fetching coffee for the radio DJ, Traci, suddenly spills her coffee on her when he hears about Portal. He quickly excuses himself, claiming he needs some fresh air. Chris changes into Darkhawk and heads to where the action is. At the same time, at the Daily Bugle, Peter Parker is trying to make a deal with J. Jonah Jameson when the call comes in about the action with Portal. JJJ tells Peter Parker to go get the pictures, and Peter Parker does – changing outside, into Spider-Man!

The Guardsmen manage to capture Portal, ensnaring him in an electronic net; however, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants arrives and Phantazia disrupts the electronic net, while Sauron removes it. The Brotherhood plays for keeps, as Sauron snaps the neck of one of the Guardsmen, and Toad suffocates another. Charles Little Sky heads back in to get his armor, while the Brotherhood continues their fight against the Guardsmen. Darkhawk arrives and steps between the Guardsmen and the Brotherhood, but is grabbed by Sauron who attempts to hypnotize him with his gaze. Spider-Man arrives and saves Darkhawk from being mind controlled again. In the building, Charles has recovered and donned all the Portal armor, but before he can escape Blob attacks him and demands to have the armor and the power to open dimensions. Portal explains that it’s not the armor that lets him open the portals, it’s that he is a mutant, born with that gift.

That same moment, in the broken, shattered remains of Wonderland, a mysterious voice plagues the mind of the one who claims to have worn the armor before Darkhawk; demanding that Chris Powell be brought before him. The mysterious person refuses, so the voice inside his head, continues to plague him with endless nightmares.

Back at the building, Portal blasts the floor that Blob is standing on, and Blob falls several stories. Portal sees Spider-Man and Darkhawk in trouble against the remaining members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and considers trying to save them; but in the end chooses that they are heroes and that they can take care of themselves, and he departs through one of his own portals.

Darkhawk and Spider-Man continue the fight against the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, with Darkhawk taking down Pyro. Sauron arrives and grabs Darkhawk. However, Sauron is blasted from behind, by none other than Portal. With Darkhawk, Portal and Spider-Man, the tide of battle quickly turns. It’s Blob’s arrival in a stole car, that allows the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to escape. Darkhawk convinces Portal to let him take him to either the Fantastic Four, or the Avengers, to help him better understand how his powers work. Portal finally agrees, but then Sleepwalker appears, demanding that the armor be his!