Nova (V7) #11

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Nova #11 (V7)

The issue begins with Sam speaking with the WorldMind. The WorldMind gives a run down of its origin, and Sam asks if his father’s conscious has been uploaded to the WorldMind, and it responds that it hasn’t; indicating, Sam believes, that his father is still out there, somewhere. The WorldMind explains that most Nova Corps members accessed the Nova Force through their helmets; but Sam’s was different, in that it uses an on-board reactor. During the conversation, Sam confesses that he was going to stop being Nova, for his mother; and the WorldMind asks if her name is Gloria. Sam replies that it’s Eva, and then asks who Gloria is. The WorldMind replies that it is his mother; and then realizes that the WorldMind is actually Rich Rider. The Richard Rider/WorldMind then goes on explaining Rich’s own origin, and how he came to be Nova, and the entire legacy of the Nova Corps. It goes on to explain that Sam was chosen to have the power to save people and he simply can’t give that up. Suddenly Sam snaps out of it and finds that Monark and his ship are gone; allowing Sam the peaceful journey of flying back home.

Sam returns home and tells his mother that he’s discovered how his helmet works, and now he can help protect her. He then goes on to confess to his friends that they were indeed correct; that he is Nova.

There is an epilogue, where Rich Rider returns home to his mother…!

And this is where this series ends, and the next one begins.