War of Kings: Ascension #4

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Razor, who was the Raptor that killed Lilandra, of the Shi’ar Empire is forced out by Chris Powell, who returns to the Darkhawk armor, seconds after the assassination and finds himself being attacked by Gladiator and Havok. Darkhawk immediately employs a Stealth Mode, but is found by Rachel Summers’ telepathy. Polaris slams Darkhawk against a wall, which forces Darkhawk to switch to a Carbon Fiber Lightweight Armor. Darkhawk tries to repeatedly explain that it wasn’t him who killed Lilandra, but none of them will listen.

Darkhawk bumps into Gladiator who grabs him by the throat. Just then the Shi’ar Law Officials arrive and demand that the Concourse be cleared and that Martial Law is now in effect. In the confusion of the Palace Security, Darkhawk manages to escape. He is contacted by Talon, who is trying to reach Razor. Chris explains that he’s taken over and Razor is gone for good; however, at that moment Razor apparently manages to swap places with Chris and reassert control once more.

Light years away, Talon tells Razor to open and portal and join him. He has concerns that Emperor Vulcan is too volatile and refuses to heed any warnings given to him by Talon. Vulcan is going after a ship controlled by Black Bolt, who has the intention of wiping out the entire Shi’ar race. Talon explains that he does not intend to stop Black Bolt, for that will at least kill Vulcan and a large portion of the Shi’ar, who will then be vulnerable and susceptible to the coaxing and guidance of the Raptors. This will also break open the Dark Matter and expose the location of the other Raptor amulets, allowing more of them to awaken after taking in sacrifices.

Razor gates in, after hearing all this and attacks Talon, revealing that Razor had not actually reasserted control; but rather, Chris had changed to Darkhawk and impersonated Razor to hear out Talon’s ultimate plan. They two begin fighting; and as Talon changes into the Heavy Combat Mode armor; so does Darkhawk. Chris explains that he learned a lot in the Null Space; one of them being how to control his anger, allowing him incredible control over his armor. The Imperial Guard arrive and Talon blasts them, so Darkhawk takes off, taunting Talon all along, about how Razor is not coming back, how he has control of his armor, how Talon’s plans will fail. Talon closes in on Darkhawk and slams him to the floor, saying, “You failed, you will die.”

Darkhawk simply states, “Or was it all a plan to get you angry, get you close to me, so I could do what you did to me?” At which point Darkhawk grabs Talon’s amulet and focuses on expelling Talon from the armor, in a bright blue light; Grand Commander H’Jke Jeeku lies on the floor in his place. H’Jke Jeeku feels Talon trying to reassert control, and Darkhawk says to fight him. But H’Jke Jeeku knows he doesn’t have the resistance that humans do and has one choice. He makes Darkhawk swear he will smash all the other amulets and prevent them from hatching, then sacrifices himself into the drive core – incinerating himself and Talon’s amulet.

The Imperial Guard arrive once more, and Darkhawk takes to space – swearing to destroy every other Raptor amulet he ever finds.